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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from December 2013

  • Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Night Courses

    The Utah Genealogy Association's Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, will be held 13-17 Jan 2014 at the Raddison in Salt Lake City. SLIG is different from most genealogy conferences because the main conference consists of sets of classes (or tracks) that students take for the whole week. Nationally

  • Favorite Family New Year's Eve

    Sometimes, some of your best family traditions can start by accident. One of our favorite traditions started that way, when I was an guilt-ridden, exhausted mother of young children--looking for a way to celebrate New Year's and get the kids to bed early. Christmas is a Christmas is a crazy busy

  • Lights, Camera, EVE

    With the holiday season wrapping up here shortly, there are still a number of exciting events happening in Salt Lake City. To kick off the New Year, the Downtown Alliance, in conjunction with a number of partners, is putting on their annual celebration now known as EVE. A three day festival filled

  • Finding the perfect ski boots: No pain, no gain

    We've all heard the saying "no pain, no gain," and I've certainly noticed it to be true with sexy heels, but recently I felt first hand the true meaning of the phrase. I bought ski boots. Whoa mama, the process of custom molding the liners to my feet hurt, BAD! Before I get ahead of myself,

  • Utah-Made Gifts for the Holidays

    Christmas is just one week away, and I'm sure most of us have a few more gifts to buy. If I can, I like to give gifts made by Utah companies, to support the local economy that in turn supports so many of my friends and neighbors. Some of my favorites include Fernwood candies, Spirit Goat soap,

  • SLC Christmas Gifts

    Caputo's Market And Deli One of the first stops on my Christmas shopping list every year is Caputo's. While I can't eat pate and salami day in day out - I more than make up for it during the holidays with a splurge-o-rama at Caputo's. Amongst the gourmet chocolate, cheeses, meats and other

  • Christmas at Gardner Village

    Christmas is definitely a magical time, and there is nothing like visiting Gardner Village during the holidays. Below are a few events they have going on to help you feel the magic this season: Elf Scavenger Hunt This free scavener hunt is fun for families of all ages. It can even be used as a

  • Salt Lake City Holiday Events

    Christmas is a time to enjoy home and hearth, but it's also a wonderful time to enjoy music, dance and theater events. Here's a list of holiday events in Salt Lake City that can help add sparkle to your celebration. The list keeps evolving as Christmas draws closer, so check back frequently for new

  • SLC Chef Changes

    The last few days and weeks has seen a merry go round of SLC chefs at local restaurants. So much so, here's a quick recap of some of the more notable changes. Greg Neville is no longer associated with East side Italian eatery Lugano and is instead moving on to the Solitude Resort. Jonah Hornsby,

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

    Let’s begin by saying if you still haven’t made it to Salt Lake’s Art and Science Museum, The Leonardo, you should get on it. With an awesome craft area where activities are offered from making candles or origami and many integrated exhibits great for interacting and kids it’s a must see in Salt