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Posts from December 2009

  • Eve: Three Nights of New Year's Fun in SLC

    This year, SLC is starting the New Year's off with a bang, three nights early. From now through New Year's Eve itself, downtown's alive with art, live music, skating, outdoor contests and fun for the kids. The best part? Access to ALL these events is a mere $15 per person, good for ALL three nights!

  • The Daily Skweez!

    Looking for somewhere to have lunch today in Salt Lake? Wishing your favorite restaurant had a special today so you could justify eating out during this crazy week? Check out the daily Skweez and look forward to a text message in the mornings (not too early, don't worry) with a daily special served

  • Red Iguana 2: Seconds Anyone?

    Building off the success of their first restaurant, the Red Iguana's second offering is another oasis for your palate here in Salt Lake City. Red Iguana 2 is an expansion of a very popular award-winning restaurant just west of downtown Salt Lake City. Like it's predecessor, it offers more of the

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part of an ongoing series... $200 has been stretching quite a ways in SLC! With this past week's snowfall, it was time to get in some inexpensive, but amazingly beautiful, skiing, so I headed up Mill Creek Canyon (3800S, off Wasatch Blvd), with my dog and my cross country skis. For the price of a day

  • Early Season in 801

    Winter's back! In honor of the 48" that have fallen in the last 48 hours I am going to post some of the better pictures from the last two months of pre-season shenanigans that have occurred here in Utah. November 25, 2009 Thanks to Ravell Call/Wendy Leonard of the Deseret News for these photos! I make

  • Davanza's! One-two-three!

    I've been a little under the weather lately. Food hasn't had a strong appeal. Maybe some readers out there can empathize with me with some of the bugs getting around this winter. But yesterday, I finally started feeling better. The first thing I noticed was the return Mr. Insatiable. My appetite was

  • SUSHI FOR SANTA! A creative charity event.

    Every year, the Sushi for Santa organization puts together an amazing Christmas charity event. The concept is simple: make a donation for entry into the event and enjoy an open sushi bar from some of the finest sushi chefs in Utah, including chefs from Mikado, Ichiban, and Naked Fish. While you're

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part of an ongoing series... When you think of Salt Lake, does your mind go straight to sushi? Perhaps it should. Last week, I joined friends to take in both the beautiful outdoor Christmas lights of downtown Temple Square and the gorgeous food and ambiance of Sapa, a sushi/Asian fusion restaurant

  • Formosa with the Family

    It's the year of the ox for a few more weeks. My placemat at Formosa Grill on 2100 S told me so. And that I was born in the year of the boar. Which makes me noble and chivalrous (naturally) and tells me my friends will be lifelong. And that I should marry a Rabbit or a Sheep. Phew, that helps

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part of an ongoing series... When the weather turns cold and the days get shorter, breakfast in a sunny, warm, green nook is that much nicer. And if it's a lazy Sunday morning and you've got another free hour, bookshop browsing is a nice way to finish up the meal. Enter the Oasis Cafe and Golden

  • 2010 Resort Awards from Warren Miller

    Every year the folks at Bonnier Corp and WM rate the resorts around North America in 8 different categories. A couple of resorts here in Utah received so high marks. Unlike a lot of “award” types, these awards seem to be less about who has the best coffee and accommodations and more about giving us a

  • 3 Tips to Snow Love: Maintaining excitement through this warmth!

    I grew up in Utah. I wasn’t always the best “example” as a kid. I regularly lied to my teachers about missing school for ski days and my childhood hero was Warren Miller. I have seen every WM Video ever produced, but I haven’t read a single book cover to cover since 1993. My sketchy track record

  • Holiday Shopping in Salt Lake: Part I - 9th and 9th

    Every time I visit a city, I naturally look for the inside scoop as to where the locals shop eat and play. When it comes to Christmas, the right collection of shops can be as much entertainment as it is shopping. One area that you won’t want to miss is the eclectic neighborhood of 9 th and 9 th . I

  • Golly, It was here a minute ago?!

    I ran out of the house Thanksgiving morning with fresh tuned skis ready to get a few turns in before turkey time and I found myself scratching my head wondering where all the snow went. That really didn’t matter to me much, because I have been hearing reports all week from locals that are ripping it