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Posts from December 2008

  • One Taco Stands aLONE

    Lone Star Taqueria one of my favorte spots in Salt Lake Valley to enjoy a Mexican sit down or drive through. Located in Cottonwood Heights, it's found at a perfect quick-stop spot for adventurers on their way home from the Cottonwood canyons. Lone Star has received previous praise for its fish

  • First Night Salt Lake!

    THE DOWNTOWN ALLIANCE ...has put together the largest new-year's celebration in Salt Lake history to ensure anybody in Salt Lake passes it well. Simply put, you'll have something to see, do, experience, enjoy, and watch from 3:00 in the afternoon to midnight at several venues. First Night Salt Lake

  • Snowbird has White Room Vacancy

    Date: December 9-24, 2008 Location: Snowbird, UT Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Daimon Bushi, Kyle Wehmanen Low-Res Vimeo Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Snowbird is featuring chest to over-the-head deep snow all break.

  • Big Snow Days in Salt Lake!

    The lake effect in Salt Lake has been in full effect for the last 48! Snow reports at each resort show 12 or more inches of new snow at 9 of Utah's 13 ski resorts! And only one resort reported less than 10 inches. So, pretty much you can go anywhere in Utah this week and expect some serious fluff.

  • Food Matters from City Weekly

    I've talked about the City Weekly before as one of a number of resources whether you're a local or visiting for the first time. Last week City Weekly's Ted Schefflerr, who writes the Food Matters column, cited three must tastes for Salt Lake. His column featured one of the local favorites Curry in a

  • Feeling Powder at Snowbird

    Snowbird has been open since early November and although there was a dry spell that had some questioning the viability of staying open through the end of November and first bit of December, I'd be willing to bet those drier days were not even closely on the mind of this skier. Since the video below

  • Did You Say Powder Day?

    Winter is in full swing and if you've got plans to be here during the Holiday's you may have timed things perfectly. A fast moving storm blew through Utah today adding over a foot of new snow to nearly all of the Cottonwood Canyon Resorts. Solitude had 9" by the time 3pm rolled around with more on

  • The Nutcracker at Ballet West

    If you've not checked out Now Playing Utah and you're into anything music, dance, theater related, you need to bookmark it now - As I was filtering through things still available this Holiday Season I saw that there are still tickets available and performances through

  • Salt Lake - It's a Grid

    I grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon where the direction of roads have no rhyme or reason to them. For a visitor, it was a nightmare. One street in particular called Boones Ferry Road travels about 15 miles through southwest Portland starting west, then going north, turns east, north again,

  • Where will you be skiing this holiday season?

    There's nothing like a holiday break in Utah to get your shred on in style! I claim this fallen tree as my own! My Favorite Landing Ever. --- Allen gets his camouflage on. --- Tommy struggles for air...and vision... --- Tommy cornering some snow-covered trees. --- Allen tail taps some snow covered trees. With

  • Storm Day Skiing at Solitude

    I recall the first time I visited Solitude Mountain Resort. Back then it was just Solitude, and it was just $5 for a lift ticket. ($10 on the weekends). And the skiing? Well, I recall taking runs where it seemed my cousin and I were the only ones on the mountain. So it was yesterday while taking a

  • Early Season Snowbird

    Date: December 5-6, 2008 Location: Snowbird, UT Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Nik Aksamit, Sam Fox, Kyle Wehmanen Low-Res Vimeo Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Snowbird is now 75% open and had some nice new snow for all

  • Getting Something for Nothing in Downtown

    I love the month of December. Snow, skiing, holidays,'s one of the best months of the year. As someone that frequently comes to downtown Salt Lake City, I love it for a lot of reasons but one of the most enjoyable aspects of coming downtown is the free 2 hour parking. It's like an early

  • Surprisingly Abundant Powder at Snowbird

    A friend called after skiing at Snowbird today and I couldn't help but catch a sense of enthusiasm in his voice. He was going on and on about the surprisingly good powder and how abundant it was despite what has seemed to be a lack of snow. Perspectives are always different when you're in the Salt

  • Meetings:Review Highlights Salt Lake's Surprise

    This past summer while at the MPI annual convention in Las Vegas, as next year's host for the conference Salt Lake presented a video about the Salt Lake experience being surprisingly different. Scott Beck, president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Convention and Visitors Bureau said of the video that

  • A Documentary: The Alta Experience

    I was up at Alta yesterday where it was as one friend said "D*$& Good", even despite the infrequent storms the past 2 weeks. (of course it snowed last night). While there I heard about the Alta Experience, a documentary showing on KUED 7 (Salt Lake public TV channel) tonight at 7pm . I went over to the

  • Body Worlds 3 for the Holidays

    I was over at Now Playing Utah checking out what concerts are happening this holiday season and noticed the following video highlighting Body Worlds 3 which is still exhibiting at the Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake. Honestly, I had forgotten about the exhibit still being in town. Whether you're a

  • Old World Christmas Market

    The Downtown Alliance is starting a new tradition with an Old World style Christmas Market that will begin on November 28th and continue through December 6th. Visitors will be able to shop at wooden chalets for unique, one of a kind, handmade items by local artisans and crafters for holiday gift