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Posts from November 2009

  • Meditrina: "Come in and Be Happy!"

    A few weeks ago, a friend held a benefit dinner at Meditrina Small Plates and Wine Bar (on West Temple, across from the Bees stadium). I loved the cozy, welcoming atmosphere, as well as the delicious food and sangria, so when the owners told me about their monthly wine tastings, I vowed I'd come


    Last night, in an Epic Battle, Real Salt Lake defeated the LA Galaxy to win the MLS Cup 2009. It was evident that RSL left everything they had on the field as they played over 120 minutes of play that included 2 overtime periods. The match was finally decided in penalty kicks where Robbie Russell

  • Rivalry Week Begins!

    If you live in Utah right now and are any kind of sports fan, you are running on sports overload. This past week has been packed full of exciting sports at almost every level. From this past weekend’s high school State Football Championships to last night’s Cinderella story in the MLS Cup final,

  • Finally! The BIG Snowfall!

    If you are anything like me, then you stare out the window in amazement and anticipation every time it snows in Salt Lake City. Every year there are one or two snowfalls that cover the ground and start building up Utah’s famous snow-base in the hills. But, on the valley floor, the snow always goes

  • Salt Lake 200

    One of the many things I love about Salt Lake is that the foothills are just minutes away, full of hiking and biking trails as far as the eye can see. You don't need to devote a full day to them (though it's worth it) - if all you have is an hour, that's ok, too. This past Tuesday morning dawned

  • Salt Lake 200

    Dinner and a movie - the classic date. But what if you could do both *simultaneously*? Of course you can, and on Monday nights, you can even get a movie for free, at Salt Lake's Brewvies Cinema Pub. My next stop for fun on a budget was Brewvies, which runs food, drink, and movie specials most nights

  • Elves Arriving at Gardner Village!

    This weekend is the ideal time to visit Gardner Village to boost your seasonal spirits and start your holiday shopping. Tomorrow, Nov. 19, Santa's Elves arrive at Gardner Village and will stay until Dec. 24. As a celebratory event, your kids can enjoy the challenge of the annual Gardner Village Elf

  • A Barenaked Christmas!

    Three days ago, Barenaked Ladies (the Canadian rock band) announced that, in partnership with 99.5, they would be throwing a Christmas party right here in Salt Lake City! The 99.5 Barenaked Christmas Party will take place on December 14, at 7:30 PM in my favorite venue: The Depot. Tickets can be

  • Free Ice Skating, Anyone?

    Every year I get excited for another winter season in Salt Lake for several reasons: snow and skiing, holidays and happiness, even the cold and its freezing effects bring something wonderful. A good example of that is ice skating at the Gallivan Center. The Gallivan Center in the downtown district

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part V of an ongoing series... Last week, I received an email from the Salt Lake Film Center telling me about the free screening of G reen River: Divided Waters , that they were co-sponsoring at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. I went and watched the film (which was really interesting), and on the way

  • Bobsled & Skeleton World Cup This Weekend

    Isn't it nice to have so many different options in or near Salt Lake City for entertainment and adventure? Salt Lake's rich culture and ideal mountain setting makes it a perfect destination for some of the most important outdoor events in the world. This week, for example, nearby Park City is

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part IV of an ongoing series... Sunny fall days just keep on going and going here, it seems - last week's weather made obligatory to be outside, so a friend and I headed to Gilgal Garden on our bikes. On the way, we decided to stop off at a local eatery for a quick lunch. Hires Big H is a SLC-original

  • Marriott Library

    Perusing the periodicals, shuffling through the shelves. Research projects. Shortcut through campus. Hot chocolate. Internet. Hours upon endless hours studying. A few naps. Meeting place for group projects. Reading. More reading. If you are or ever were a student at the University of Utah, you've

  • Local Italy

    A few years ago, I lived in Paris for a semester of school abroad. While in Europe, I was surrounded by deep history and famous architectural and artistic masterpieces. When I came home, a friend of mine showed me this little piece of Rome found right here in Salt Lake. I was excited to know I could

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part III of an ongoing series ... My next stop on the quest to have as much fun as possible on $200 was a seat at Saturday's Real Salt Lake Major League Soccer playoff game, versus Columbus, here at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy. Pro soccer might just be my new favorite spectator sport, and the Real Salt

  • Ruth's Diner: Spoiling a Secret

    Last week, my girlfriend and I found ourselves with four other couples, looking for a classy place for dinner. A beautiful drive up part of Emigration Canyon away, lay one of Salt Lake's best secrets: Ruth's Diner. We looked forward to eating on the spacious patio they have out back, but the weather

  • Market Street's Chowder

    Snow fell on the valley for the first time of the season last week. The white flakes were so welcome as it made me think of soft, fluffy ski turns to come in the winter ahead. Shortly after that thought flashed in my head, my next thought turned to warm, delicious clam chowder. I work downtown and

  • Salt Lake 200

    Part II of an ongoing series... This past Tuesday, it was *cold* here in SLC - winter has made an appearance. As the snow continued to fall, it was a perfect evening to share a seasonal brew and hot meal with a friend. The Bayou, located at 645 S State St - offers this and more. Since SLC's recent