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Posts from November 2008

  • Lights On!

    LIGHTS ON! It's Thanksgiving soon. That means a lot of things: Turkey, football, family feasts, cool temperatures, crazy sales, and of course...LIGHTS! All the lights go on this week and will twinkle through the New Year. Here's the information you need to gaze your eyes content this Christmas: Downtown

  • Ride a Bike in Salt Lake

    This past spring the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau undertook a unique program to lead the way in Salt Lake City as an organization who was dedicated to "talking the talk" or in this case, riding. The CVB purchased five "cruiser bikes" for staff use around the community, cutting down

  • Fat Flake Boot-Race Winner Shares Secrets!

    Everybody knows that Utah has the greatest snow on Earth. So why wouldn't we have a festival to celebrate it? The 2008 Fat Flake Festival was a huge success again in Salt Lake this year. There was energy in the air for the upcoming winter. Live music, athlete signing sessions, rail jams, and other

  • Salt Lake's Fab 4 are Open

    Salt Lake has 4 Ski and Snowboard resorts in the mountains just minutes from either downtown or anywhere in the valley. This past week ALL four of those resorts opened - Snowbird first followed by Brighton, then Solitude on Friday and Alta on Saturday. Yes, the Fab 4 are open. Here are a couple of

  • Salt Lake Lunch by Bike

    Although all of the Salt Lake Ski Resorts (Alta, Brighton, Solitude and Snowbird) are open for skiing, warm temps this week have returned to the valley. Warm enough that is to enjoy a noon-time bike ride around downtown to get lunch. Shawn and I headed out on the Salt Lake Visitors Center cruiser

  • Real Salt Lake Making a Run

    Real Salt Lake knocked off Chivas USA with a 3-2 score last week to launch themselves into the final round of the Western Conference playoff. Real will face off against the New York Red Bull s this Saturday for the Western Conference Championship. This is huge for Real Salt Lake. Only a month after

  • Starting Off With a Bang

    In case you haven't heard, or read, or seen, Winter is Officially On in Utah. I decreed it as such and as the foremost declarer of seasons around the world, my word is gospel. I can prove it with these awesome photos & video from last week at Alta. Shane is glad he has a powder skirt in November! I

  • Bring Your Coats to Alta and Score!

    It's no secret that with the economy the way it is there are a lot more that will be in need of the basics this winter. Alta is teaming up with the Westminster ski team in efforts to provide coats for Catholic Community Services (CCS) in Salt Lake City. For over 60 years, Catholic Community Services

  • Alta - A Spectacular Place to Ski

    It's hard to beat the feeling of a deep powder day at Alta. Both a town and a resort, this little slice of paradise is home to some of the best powder skiing on the planet. For the video click

  • Guess who came last night?

    You know it! November is here and we had a late change of the colors. I have been trying to get some great shots of the trees turning around downtown, but I was just one day too late! But can you complain too much? I am still going to get those tree pictures I was planning on, but just with a little

  • Snowbird Reporting 14" of new Snow!

    A big storm rolled through Salt Lake last night putting down a solid blanket of Utah's Greatest Snow on Earth along the way. Snowbird is reporting 14" of new snow this morning after receiving 10" Sunday night! You know it's good when the Snowbird SnowCam looks like this at 11pm. Skiers are READY to

  • Life at 50mm

    I was invited to work with the Salt Lake blog and show everyone the beauty of our fair city, and I am excited. Being an art student up at the University of Utah, I have found an eye for the beauty this city displays everywhere; naturally and man-made around every corner downtown. Though I am no where