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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from October 2017

  • Shred Fest 2017 in Ski City

    Ushering in the new season, and carrying on as one of Ski City’s rowdiest pre-season celebrations, the Shred Fest is back for another year. The premise is simple—Ski City’s riders, skiers, and mountain community host an evening of urban skiing and riding, lumberjacking (yeah, you read it right),

  • Tracy Aviary

    Under the towering trees of centrally located Liberty Park you might hear the surprising sounds of hoots, shrieks, caws, and cries. There’s no reason to be alarmed, that’s simply the resident flock of birds that dwell within the Tracy Aviary. For almost 80 years, the aviary has delighted

  • The Natural History Museum of Utah

    Along the burnished foothills of the Salt Lake Valley, tucked alongside the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, lies a sinuous and arresting building clad in copper. Appearing to meld with the landscape, its russet walls mimic the hues and rugged terrain of the red buttes that tower above its rooftop. The