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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from October 2015

  • Spooky Science

    The Leonardo, Salt Lake's favorite interactive science and art museum, went above and beyond with its Halloween events and exhibits this year. One of the most popular productions has been Spooky Science, a collection of exhibits designed to give you the creeps, make you cackle, and unleash your

  • This is the Place to See Live Music

    Salt Lake’s music scene has flourished in the last decade because of a few club owners who put quality before quantity. As a result, bands passing through to L.A. or Denver love to play here, and fans get a front-row seat. Before any visit to Salt Lake, be sure to check the lineups at these venues.

  • Car-Free: Fun on the Trax Line

    Whether you’re in Salt Lake for business or pleasure, there’s a good chance you don’t have a car. There are plenty of walkable highlights downtown, and within most of Salt Lake’s neighborhoods, but many of Salt Lake’s main attractions are also just a hop, skip, and a jump (or, you know, a 10- to

  • Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, Football

    The beautiful new Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex has officially opened. The facility boasts 16 fields, one of which is a championship field—a future expansion project will include the addition of 2,000 stadium seats for this field. The venue can host a wide variety of sporting events,

  • Curfew Schmurfew: 18 Halloween Events for Adults

    Young Frankenstein Young Frankenstein is a musical adaptation of the classic and enduringly hilarious 1974 Mel Brooks comedy film of the same name, written by Brooks and Gene Wilder and directed by Brooks, who has described it as his best film. When: October 08 to October 30, 2015 Where: The Grand

  • Exciting Airport Upgrades Underway in Salt Lake

    Did you know that the Salt Lake City International Airport is currently undergoing a major overhaul? Even if you've been to Salt Lake recently, you may not have noticed. That's because the transition is happening without interrupting service. The overhaul is actually a three-phase project,

  • 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions

    10,000 People. 80 Nations. 50 Faiths. The Parliament is the oldest, largest, and most inclusive gathering of people of all faiths and traditions. The first Parliament took place in 1893. Since, this historic event has taken place in Chicago, USA; Cape Town, South Africa; Barcelona, Spain;

  • Salt Lake or Bust!

    My family of 5—my husband Jerry and I and our three sons, Wolf, 15, Hayden, 13 and Fin, 8—live on the frontier of Wyoming, in a town called Lander. It's a small town, home to about 7,000 people. We love our town, and wouldn't choose to live anywhere else in the world. But if we had to live in a

  • Bride of Frankenstein: Dark, Twisted, Beautiful

    Corn mazes, Thriller, Rocky Horror Picture Show, haunted houses, nights of costumed debauchery. The standard Halloween repertoire will never lose its place in our hearts, but we've been looking for a jolt to the system, and Sackerson’s Bride of Frankenstein delivers. The production has brought joie

  • Nosh On, Night Owls

    If you’re in Salt Lake, there are a number of reasons you might need a late-night meal. From craving a quick nosh after the ballet to wanting to inhale a burger after a Jazz game to desperately needing a slice after one cocktail too many (you’d never do that!), an after-hours appetite is a problem