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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from October 2014

  • Post-Adventure Burgers

    Nothing works up an appetite like playing outside. Something about the combination of fresh air, natural scenery, and spent calories makes eating a big, juicy burger seem like the only appropriate course of action. The burgers in this list were chosen for their post-ski-day deliciousness, but

  • The Best Places to See Fall Leaves in Utah

    written by Ann Weaver-Gates Confession Leaf peepers, you drive me crazy! Seriously though, I used to live up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and from mid September into early October every time I’d drive home from work or leave my house to go to the grocery store it was like I belonged to a circus caravan

  • 4 Tips for Booking a Family-Friendly Hotel

    1. Realize That Cheap Doesn’t Equal Quality I’ve learned that just because I’m booking a cheap hotel online it doesn’t mean it’ll be a great experience. I’ve learned the hard lesson that cheap isn’t always the best fit and unfortunately, you might end up being uncomfortable the whole time. 2.