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Posts from October 2009

  • Salt Lake 200

    Note: This is the first in a series It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it: for the next month, I'm on a mission to find out just how much fun two people can have on $200. In the upcoming weeks, I (along with a few willing accomplices) will be exploring the pretty fantastic opportunities we

  • Asian Star

    My girlfriend and I were seeing Where The Wild Things Are at the Century 16 in Union Heights last week. We only had an hour for dinner, so we looked close by and found the Asian Star. I had been there once before and remembered that they were fairly speedy. So we gave it a shot. We were not

  • On Broadway, Part VI: Sage's Cafe

    Looking for a vegetarian, organic dining option that also serves up atmosphere? Wanting to fill your belly and satisfy your taste buds, even if you're usually a carnivore? No matter who you are, it's time to eat at Sage's. My roommate and I went to Sage's Cafe for lunch the other day - from our

  • Snowbird Teaser

    The hills are once again turning white and our friends at Snowbird sent us this video that we had to share. After watching it once, watch it again and close your eyes at 2:12 and you can almost feel the powder faceshot.'s almost here! Get yourself hooked up on the 4th Night Stay and Ski

  • What Lunch Style Are You?

    Remember lunch? Yea, it was that hour long part of your day that you enjoyed with a meal and if you're lucky a few close friends or family. If you're like many working Americans today lunch is not really a time for the relaxed meal with family and friends it was of the past. You may juggle errands,

  • Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches

    I don't ever remember growing up that my parents would ever consider paying money for me to wander through a corn field maze. It seemed so illogical at the time when I could get lost on my own accord and at a very nice price (free) but within the past 10 years it's been quite amazing to see the

  • What Goes Up...

    This weekend (and next) Snowbird is offering FREE TRAM RIDES when you bring a can of food for the Food Bank. Customer Appreciation Days will be this Saturday and Sunday, Oct 31-Nov. 1, and Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7-8. Come in costume this weekend and “trick or treat” on the ride to Snowbird’s

  • Ski and Stay: 4th Day and Night Free

    With the latest storm that passed through a couple of days ago cooling things off considerably and the fact that Salt Lake's Ski Resorts are all less than one month away from their scheduled opening dates, skiing is definitely on the brain. Adding fuel to the fire are the number of pass and gear

  • Sugar House Parks

    Could the weather get any nicer for a walk? I think not. So yesterday I took advantage of a sunny fall day and set out on a three-park walk. Here's my route: 1. Start at Sugar House Park, one of Salt Lake's largest and most popular parks. Located in one of Salt Lake's oldest neighborhoods on the

  • Caramelized, Gooey, Flaky, Crunchy at Les Madeleines

    Les Madeleines patisserie and café serves delectable desserts and pastries made from scratch. Not only are the finest ingredients used, they look pretty too. After having been spoiled by the delicious pastries of France (having spent several months living and studying there), I was so excited to

  • A Room With a View

    The Living Room has been one of my favorite hikes for the past decade. I used to think it was almost secret, a hidden door behind a bookcase. I still think it's just as cool the hundred-and-seventeenth time as it was the first. The Living Room consists of several sandstone furnishings: chairs, love

  • Belgium on Broadway

    Want an authentic Belgian waffle and a quick cup of coffee? How about some Flemish stew to warm you up on a chilly fall afternoon? Tucked into the market building across from Pioneer Park is a shop that serves all this up: Bruge Waffles and Frites. Run by Bruge native Pierre VanDamme, Bruge is a Salt

  • Ski Swaps Season Comes to Salt Lake

    There's definitely snow in the air and that means one thing this time of the year: Ski Swaps. Ever been to a ski swap at the moment the masses are let loose to search for this years "new" planks? It can be both entertaining as well as down right competitive. Perhaps more so than trying to score