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Posts from October 2008

  • Lunch Visit to Thai Lotus

    Shawn and I hopped on the town cruiser bikes and took advantage of what could be one of the last few days of warm weather in Salt Lake City. We didn't have any specific place in mind for lunch so we just rode around downtown, enjoying the sunshine and the autumn leaves. After a long loop of downtown

  • Scary Aerie Halloween Dinner at Snowbird

    To an avid skier the mountains may look a bit scary right now without snow but soon the blanket of white will arrive and all will be well. In the meantime there are still many reasons to head up into the mountains to visit Salt Lake's resorts of Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and Solitude. One of those is

  • Mestizo - West Side Coffee House

    When I was in Spain I got to know a number of Gitanos (Gypsy's) who were an energetic people, full of life and culture. Despite this, the Spaniards often called the Gitanos "Mestizo", meaning that they were a mix of cultures and nationalities rather than "true" Spaniards. For the most part it

  • Sun and Sushi at Happy Sumo

    Aside from a storm or two, the autumn weather in Salt Lake has been more than enjoyable with average to above average temperatures and of course, the typical abundance of sunshine. So when a buddy sent me an invite to lunch with "the geeks" at Happy Sumo, I couldn't pass it up. Located in the

  • Snow; First Time on Display at Bevalo

    Firsts. There are many firsts, but when it comes to snow first tracks and first chair are at the top of the list. First snowflakes are pretty cool too. In fact, it snowed last week in Salt Lake for the first time this season which is quite appropriate considering what will unveil this Friday night,

  • Mayor Becker Gives SLCVB e2 Business Certificate

    Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker awarded the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau (SLCVB) an e2 Business Certificate early this summer, the first e2 Business Certificate awarded during Mayor Becker's term. The e2 certification recognizes the Salt Lake CVB's commitment to the environment and the

  • Winter is Back!

    Date: October 12, 2008 Location: Rocky Point, UT Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Nik Aksamit, Kris Aksamit Low-Res YouTube Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Winter has returned to OOOTAH! Sure they weren't the greatest

  • What's in the Basement?

    Attics, closets, garages, basements...most of us have at least one and chances are they are full of stuff. Oddly enough, exploring someone elses can be remarkably interesting. I remember my grandma had a "bunker" for lack of better terms as a part of her basement where old books, nick-knacks and

  • Home Cooking at the Lion House Pantry

    One of the values associated with purchasing the Connect Pass is that it includes a meal at the Lion House Pantry , located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City on the corner of South Temple and State Street. (63 East South Temple to be precise) What you get is the "Pioneer Meal" with a value of

  • Cathedral of the Madeleine

    Utah and specifically Salt Lake is widely known as the religious center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon church. In the heart of downtown is Temple Square where thousands of visitors each year make their way. Perhaps lesser known and visited yet

  • Contrasting Colors

    The hills are vibrant in color these days. Autumns palate of reds, yellows, greens and oranges are plentiful in Salt Lake's surrounding mountains and even visible from the valley. This past weekend brought winter's favorite color - white - to contrast with autumns palate in what I believe is one of

  • FWinter (Fall+Winter).

    Oh darn. I totally thought I would make it at least 3 months without skiing. Alta looks pretty in fwinter. First turns of the year. Mandatory Stupid Grin Photo. Descending into Fall. Linescore! Post ski workout. My diligent photog gets her climb on. Slippery bridge! Oh man. Homework just doesn't seem so

  • Body Worlds 3 in Salt Lake City

    Very interesting, very... One of Kind! Amazing! It gives you a good realization of the fragility of the human body It was absolutely amazing to see how everything comes together, to see how we do the things we do every day These are just a few of the responses that have been coming from The Leonardo at