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  • Enjoy Salt Lake via the Connect Pass

    Enjoy 13 of Salt Lake'sbest attractions with the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass! "I just came across this online, and it's the PERFECT deal if you are looking to do a bunch of activities. Perfect for family visiting from out of town, or if you are planning to do a lot with your family and don't want to

  • Tracing Immigrant Ancestors

    Salt Lake is home to the Family Search Center, the largest genealogical database in the world. For more on researching Genealogy in Salt Lake, click here. “Mama arrived with 4 year old Martha gripping her hand tightly. She said she looked feverishly around for Papa, and spotted him across the room.

  • Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort via the Connect Pass

    Hopefully by now you've taken advantage of the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass, which features 13 of Salt Lake's best attractions at a better-than-reasonable price. We've already written about a few of those attractions on the Visit Salt Lake blog (Thanksgiving Point Children's Discovery Garden, Lion

  • Lugano isn't just fine dining. It's an experience.

    [caption id="attachment_4335" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Proscuitto wrapped asparagus, lightly grilled. I'm now convinced all vegetables should be wrapped in meat."] [/caption] As I bit into the bruschetta, I involuntarily began to experience palate nostalgia. With every bite, I

  • Multi-Tasking in Memory Grove

    I am a multi-tasker. I vacuum the floors while dinner cooks. I walk to do my errands so I get exercise while taking care of responsibilities. I blog while I watch TV and read stories to my daughter while checking email...I'm not saying all my multi-tasking is a good thing. But if I can find an outing

  • Pipa: Asian tapas + sake bar

    There is a new addition to the dining scene in Salt Lake, and it is one that you need to experience soon. Just when I think I can't squeeze another restaurant into my favorites list, a very unique new offering opens that gives me an even bigger challenge choosing what to eat. Pipa: Asian tapas + sake

  • The Living Planet Aquarium

    Have you been to The Living Planet Aquarium yet? recently had the opportunity to experience all the fun and education available at the Aquarium! The Living Planet Aquarium has over 1,250 animals and 267 species on display in their three main exhibits: Discover Utah, Ocean Explorer and

  • Fall at the Hall: Kingsbury Hall's Exciting Fall Season

    Fall is almost here, and as the outdoor concert and theater season is winding down, Salt Lake's indoor performing arts venues are gearing up. One of Salt Lake's favorite venues is Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. Built in 1930,

  • Ten Social Networking Websites for Family History

    Salt Lake is home to the Family Search Center, the largest genealogical database in the world. For more on researching Genealogy in Salt Lake, click here. About ten years ago I visited my local Family Search Center to do some research and I got to talking with the center’s director about a recent

  • (a)perture gallery

    One thing that has shocked me is how much art you can find in Salt Lake. Call me naive, but when I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area, I was pretty positive I would not be finding any sort of art scene. I told you! Naive! I have been so ridiculously and pleasantly surprised after living in

  • ATV Rides at Snowbird = Big Fun in Little Cottonwood

    “Do I need to shift? How fast will we go? Am I going to fall off?” Those were a few of the many questions that filled my mind in anticipation of riding ATVs at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. Fortunately, the ATVs are automatic. One question down. But several more answers to go. [caption