The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from September 2009

  • Road Island Diner: Retro Rural

    I've driven by it for months now, I've even taken pictures of it before, but when I finally stepped into the Road Island Diner (on Rt 32 in Oakley), I was unprepared. This place was the real deal. Sure, it looked like an old-fashioned diner car from the outside, all chrome and neon lights beckoning

  • Homestyle Mexican Food: Rio Grande Cafe

    Set in the the repurposed old Rio Grande Train Station, the Rio Grande Cafe serves up some mean carnitas and a whole lot of other good foods. It's sometimes overlooked with so many mexican food restaurants popping up around town, but the Rio Grande has the type of good solid menu that can keep you

  • SLC Library: Vacation for your Inner Child

    The Salt Lake City Main public library is an amazing architectural masterpiece. It is very hard to pass by it without noticing its curved architectural lines with a certain harmony of concrete and spandrel glass. But, the very best part of the SLC Main is the world that has been created for children

  • The Bike Shop around the Corner

    Located at Second and Second in the heart of downtown SLC is a bike shop with a lot of character, genuine service, and some serious road experience. It’s not uncommon to find Brent Hulme, the owner of SLC Bike, in the massive showroom helping customers find just the right rig or accessory for their

  • Larry King attends Salt Lake Convention

    Last week the Salt Lake Convention Center hosted the Usana corporation for their annual convention. Based in West Valley City, Utah, Usana is a multi-level marketing company that has worked with the Convention Center to host many of its meetings over the years as they've grown in size, not only as a

  • Lunch Spot: Nauvoo Cafe

    Finding myself walking around downtown Salt Lake taking care of some errands, my stomach reminded me that I needed to get lunch even though it was well past noon. I passed by the corner of South Temple and Main Street and the Nauvoo Cafe caught my eye so I headed in to check it out. If you've never

  • Finding Your Family Tree

    Salt Lake City is known for many things from the Jazz to the world class skiing just minutes from downtown. Known also as the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) it's become the epicenter for genealogy and finding out who your ancestors are and what your family

  • Downtown Still Rising

    If you've not been paying much attention to the downtown skyline, things have been changing at a steady pace. Since the Downtown Rising development and City Creek Center (City Creek is part of the entire Downtown Rising project) is right across the street from us here at the Salt Lake Convention