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Posts from August 2010

  • Incredible Pizza

    Our family had driven by the Incredible Pizza billboard sign a dozen times, not really sure of exactly what was inside. All that changed a few weeks ago when our family had the opportunity to have dinner and enjoy all the fun Incredible Pizza has to offer. The menu at Incredible Pizza serves up much

  • Have Mountains, Will Bike

    I thought I knew what mountain biking was. In fact, if you asked me, I would have told you that I'd been mountain biking. But that was before I moved to Salt Lake. That was before my eyes were opened to REAL mountain biking! Turns out riding your Huffy along the dirt back roads of small town

  • "Sunday Yummy Sunday" by Alta Lodge

    [caption id="attachment_4242" align="alignleft" width="284" caption="Mmmmm..."] [/caption] After years of hearing about the legendary Sunday Brunch at Alta Lodge, I finally got the chance to experience it myself. And despite the high expectations I had going in, the overall experience still impressed

  • Family History Trees Can Be Fixed

    Only He Who Does Nothing Makes A Mistake - French Proverb If you are interested in researching your family tree, then a visit to Salt Lake should be high on your “must do” list. The Family History Library at 35 North West Temple is the center of the action with 142,000 square feet on five floors of

  • Rice-Eccles Stadium

    University of Utah football starts Thursday, Sept. 2, and while nothing is certain in college football these days, it's a good bet that the Utes' farewell season in the Mountain West Conference will be one of the team's most exciting ever. Season tickets are sold out for 2010, and single-game

  • Blasting off at the Clark Planetarium

    How awesome is it you can walk from Discovery Gateway (the children's discovery museum) to the Clark Planetarium in 30 seconds! Even if you're not packing in two centers for learning and fun, the Clark Planetarium is still worth the drive to the Gateway no matter what your age. The Clark

  • The Savory Palate

    A gourmet 3-course meal in Draper, with a new menu each week, and priced under $13. This is The Savory Palate. The Savory Palate is actually a classroom project for the culinary school at the Arts Institute of Salt Lake City. After the students have completed most of their coursework, and after an

  • Contemporary Masters Mini Golf

    There's an unusual exhibit going on right now at the Salt Lake Art Center: Contemporary Masters Mini Golf. Individual artists have designed 18 holes of original, impossible and yes, even wacky mini golf and you must really see it and play it to comprehend such an outrageous display. Kids of all ages

  • RootsTech Genealogy Event Coming to Salt Lake

    Exciting news hit my desk this week from the folks at FamilySearch. In an effort to encourage innovation and technology in the pursuit of family history research they are launching the first annual RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City, February 10-12, 2011. It makes perfect sense that this exciting

  • Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts

    The Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts is a delightful museum situated in the middle of a lovely park, Liberty Park, located at about 500 East and 900 South in Salt Lake. The Chase Home Museum features contemporary folk art in four galleries: the Native Gallery which houses art from the American

  • SLC's Best Family Hiking Trails

    A love of the outdoors is one of the best gifts parents can give their children, and here in Salt Lake we have amazing opportunities for outdoor family recreation. Late summer is a great time for children, parents and grandparents to escape the summer heat and get into Utah's mountains for some

  • Rock Climbing at Reservoir Ridge

    Have I mentioned that I love living in Salt Lake? Since moving here permanently in July, I've been having one great outdoor experience after another. I'm like a kid in a candy store down here . . . except instead of candy I'm gorging myself on cycling, mountain biking, hiking, bouldering, rock

  • The Lion House Pantry Restaurant

    As I have been preparing to write this post, I tried to remember the very first time I ate at The Lion House Pantry Restaurant. Honestly, I couldn't remember. Our family has been going all my life: we LOVE The Lion House Pantry! The food tastes just as good as home-cooking (most likely because they

  • Discovery Gateway

    Our family grabbed our Visit Salt Lake Connect Passes and on the way up to Salt Lake let our two daughters pick out where they wanted to go. Of course the first thing out of their mouths was, "The Children's Museum!" which is what they call Discovery Gateway. I know that they could spend the whole

  • The Blue Plate Diner

    If you're as big a fan of the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" then you've probably heard of—and if you're a real fan, already tried—The Blue Plate Diner in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake. Guy Fieri and his vintage red Camaro visited the diner back in May of 2008 and was