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Posts from August 2009

  • Churrasco at Tucanos: A Carnivore's Paradise

    If you know "churrasco" - Brazilian style bbq - then Tucanos will capture your interest the moment you walk in. If you love fine prepared meat and have never dined out Brazilian style, where have you been? A true "churrasco" (shoe-HAS-ko) served up round robin style is unlike any other dining

  • Sunday Brunch at Alta: Mile-High Delicious

    When you think of Alta, what comes to mind? Does it involve powder, skis, and early morning wintry drives up canyon? How about lush green hillsides, light-as-air pastries, chicken curry, and live jazz? Welcome to Sunday Brunch at the Alta Lodge: the other side of the mountain, so to speak. Last

  • Sunday Market: Power to the People

    Saturdays, I can't always make it to the Farmers Market at Pioneer Park. So when I heard about a the People's Market on Sunday morning, I was excited to check it out. And now, I'm totally hooked. Located right in front of the International Peace Gardens, the People's Market is mellow, friendly,

  • Heaven Sent: The Tin Angel Cafe

    For over a year now, I've been hearing rave reviews about The Tin Angel Cafe. Recently, I decided to join a friend there for lunch, and found out why. The Tin Angel's menu is delicious to read, and we were only looking at the sandwiches and salads (in order not to be overwhelmed by the pastas and

  • Salt Lake Airport Named Best in the Nation

    Getting and out of Salt Lake International Airport has always seemed pretty easy for me in the past when I've traveled be it summer or winter. Nothing can sour a vacation or business travel quite like sitting on the tarmac for an hour waiting to depart or to arrive and I can't recall that happening

  • On Broadway, Part IV: Eva (small plates and drinks)

    Ok, so technically, Eva's not ON Broadway, but it's right around the corner on Main St., and its praises deserve to be sung. If you're looking for a tapas gem with a local-food focus, a romantic downtown date night, or somewhere to get sangria with the girls, look no further. Where to start? Eva's

  • Summer at Snowbird

    Date: May 31-July 9, 2009 Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner) & Dex Mills Low-Res Vimeo Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) There is a variety of different things to do in Utah in the summer.

  • Salt Lake Bees: Baseball at its Best

    Feeling nostalgic for balmy summer nights spent watching baseball under the lights? Want to take your family to a minor league game without breaking the bank? The Salt Lake Bees are where it's at. I grew up enjoying the tradition of going to a game with friends and family - the energy of the

  • Q-Tip at the Twilight Concert Series Thursday Nights

    Are you ready for another month of free music in the warm evenings of Downtown Salt Lake City? One of Salt Lake City's favorite traditions, the Twilight Concert Series, is in the midst of celebrating its twenty-second season which began at the first of July. The second month of this two month

  • Grand America For Brunch?

    I had to ask myself - would I go to a hotel (albeit a very nice hotel) for brunch vs. one of Salt Lake's award winning brunch locations like say, the Oasis Cafe? Well, after reading a recent review of Grand America's Sunday Brunch Buffet by Heather King of the Salt Lake City Lunch Examiner, I'm

  • 13 in a Day with the Connect Pass - Part 3

    All good things usually come to an end and such was the day that Visit Salt Lake's Laura Barnes set out to visit all 13 Connect Pass locations in a day. With part 3 of the video recap, Laura went to Snowbird for a tram ride to over 10,000' in elevation and views of the Wasatch Mountains. From there

  • Sushi Downtown at Ginza

    I picked my mom up from the airport the other day and headed towards downtown to grab some eats and enjoy some time to catch up. It was just past 1pm and both of us were starving but what to eat? After realizing that both of us favor sushi and our spouses don't really care for it I was in a bit of a