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Posts from August 2008

  • Acme Burger Company - Beyond Expectation

    When I first heard the name " ACME Burger Company " I thought it was a joke. Then I honed in on their tagline of "Anything but common" and new it was something I needed to check out. Time passed and for one reason or another I didn't make it over there...until now. But burgers and fries? How could a

  • Planks or Pedals?

    Date: August 8 - 16, 2008 Location: Park City, UT - Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Mike Saltsman, Josh Matta Low Res YouTube Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Recipe for lame crashes: (1) parts:

  • Tour of Utah Cycling Race

    Yesterday I posted about some cycling events in and around Salt Lake. Among them is the Tour of Utah which kicks off tomorrow, August 13, 2008. Advertised as "America's Toughest Stage Race", it will attract top pro cyclists from around the country and even the world. It's a 336 mile, 5-day race

  • Salt Lake Cycling Events

    If you're into cycling, the skinny tire shaved legs kind of cycling, there are a number of events that happen each summer in the Salt Lake area. Since we live at the base of such beautiful and steep mountains, most of the races include in some form or fashion a climb into the Wasatch. If you're into

  • Downtown Eats - Toasters for Lunch

    Is downtown Salt Lake more alive than it was 6 years ago? According to Toasters owner Mubera it is. "Six years ago when we opened Toasters I could count the people walking by on any given day. While it's not like New York, there are certainly more people walking in downtown Salt Lake these days. It's