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Posts from July 2009

  • Mayor Becker Recognized for Green Efforts

    Earlier this month Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker (left, on his bike downtown) testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. As a former urban planner and an advocate for the environment, Mayor Becker has a done a number of things to bring Salt Lake closer to being a

  • All 13 Connect Pass Locations in a Day - Part II

    This week we're highlighting Part II of Laura's adventure in trying to pull off seeing all 13 Connect Pass locations in one day. The Connect Pass allows you to visit as many of the 13 locations that you can squeeze into a day but although Laura barely managed to hit all 13 I think getting 4-5 would

  • Get a Drink at Salt Lake International Airport

    I was watching a Twitter feed about Salt Lake City today and a gal from Florida commented that her plane had arrived 45 early to Salt Lake International Airport. Well there's a bonus, but what to do with the extra time if you find yourself in the Salt Lake Airport? Aside from shopping and my

  • Connect Pass - All 13 Locations part 1

    The Connect Pass is one of the most unique ways to catch some of Salt Lake's best attractions all for the low price of $20 which includes lunch/dinner at the Lion House Pantry (they are open from 11am - 8pm). It's a screaming deal. With 13 locations on the Connect Pass, it's very possible to take in

  • Outdoor Retailer: Summer Trade Show

    Are you in the business of outdoor recreation? Passionate about anything that can be done on water, rock, sand, ice? If you're a vendor or a buyer in the industry, then it's probably no news that Salt Lake's Outdoor Retailer summer show is in full swing at the Salt Palace through today. Twice a year,

  • Utah's Hogle Zoo with the Connect Pass

    Everybody loves the zoo and Utah's Hogle Zoo is one of the oldest zoo's in the country. Located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon just 4 miles from Downtown Salt Lake, it's also one of the attractions that is part of the Connect Pass. By using the Connect Pass at the Zoo you can enjoy a morning

  • Vosen's Bread Paradise

    If you've spent any time in downtown, particularly on 2nd south, like me you've likely walked past the old looking yellow two story home turned German bakery more times than you can remember. But have you been inside? On my way to the Outdoor Retailer Show Summer Market this morning I was again

  • MPI Opening Reception Video

    Wall dancing. I'd never seen it happen before and it was simply amazing. While at the MPI WEC 2009 opening reception, which welcomed meeting planners from all over the world to Salt Lake City, wall dancing was just one of the many amazing things that attendees were treated to. From the wide array

  • Closing Event of MPI WEC 2009

    With the close of MPI last night Salt Lake City said good-bye to a great group that we've hosted for the past few days. MPI WEC 2009 by all accounts was a success from the opening reception on Saturday night to last nights' dinner and music at Red Butte Gardens , enjoying the nature and vista of Salt

  • MPI WEC 2009 Tradeshow

    Tradeshows. You've likely been to your fair share of them. Some are spectacular and highly profitable while some can be, I need to say it? So how was the MPI WEC 2009 tradeshow? For starters I know more than a few people were raving about the food stations throughout the trade show floor

  • Snowbird in the Summer: Mountain Music

    Looking for a weekend lineup of awesome musicians, playing high in the hills? Check out Snowbird Renaissance Center's festivals this summer! This past weekend was the Mountain Music Festival, with bands like the Cowboy Junkies, Son Volt, Seldom Scene, and the Old '97s playing the main stage, and

  • MPI WEC Opening Session Video Recap

    When MPI puts on a meeting, you know it's going to shine. That's exactly what happened at the Salt Palace Convention Center yesterday morning as the 2009 MPI WEC kicked off with its opening session. Featured speakers were actor and author Ben Stein , Harrah's CEO Gary Loveman, and Betsy Myers who was

  • Golfing Mountain Dell's Canyon Course

    If you're like me you've driven up and down Parley's Canyon and passed the Mountain Dell golf course numerous times. Often when in the middle of the day I pass by there and think to myself "How is it that all those people from Salt Lake have the day off and can golf?" Well, after my most recent visit

  • Salt Lake Welcomes MPI WEC 2009

    If you've ever attended a meeting or convention, it's a safe bet that someone who is part of Meeting Planners International (MPI) was invovled in the meeting's success. So it's with great enthusiasm that Salt Lake Welcomes the 2009 MPI convention here in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace. Meeting

  • Days of '47

    Mention the " Days of '47 " anywhere around Salt Lake and you're sure to get responses like the parade, fireworks, running race and the rodeo. But did you know that the Days of '47 have 12 different events that are directly associated with it not to mention another half dozen events that are also in

  • MPI WEC 2009 Opening Reception Video Recap

    The weather couldn't have been more beautiful as the sun set over Salt Lake last night in the final hours of what attendees of the MPI WEC 2009 opening reception described as "remarkable" and "fantastic". The event, held in the patio area of Library Square, featured wall dancers, fire jugglers,

  • On Broadway, Part III: Farmers Market

    When I first moved to Salt Lake City, the Farmers Market was bustling. But now, three years later, it is more than just a place to pick up fresh, locally-grown produce; it's a veritable festival of crafts, music, and food. Last weekend, I met up with a few friends to do some shopping and check

  • Salt Lake to Host National Association of School Physchologists

    I'm not sure how far you typically catch yourself thinking into the future - 1 week, 2 months, Christmas...this year? How about the year 2016? If you're anything like me, you've not even had that number cross the mind. In fact, when I first heard this week that the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors

  • Dish of the Week - Este Pizza

    A few weeks back we reviewed Este Pizza's downtown location after I had some of the tastiest New York pizza in west of the Hudson. So it comes as no surprise that the Salt Lake Tribune ran a short piece about Este Pizza this week showcasing one of its dishes at their "Dish of the Week". It also gives

  • Music in SLC: We've Got it Good

    When I found myself front and center at last weekend's Vieux Farka Toure show, it hit me that this is one of those moments that makes Salt Lake such a great place to live. Vieux Farka Toure, a musician from Mali (son of the late Ali Farka Toure, one of Mali's best-loved, most well-known musicians),