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Posts from July 2008

  • Rock and Blues at Snowbird

    It's hot outside and "they" say it's only going to get hotter by topping the century mark this coming weekend. All the more reason to escape to the mountains for the Rock and Blues Festival at Snowbird August 1-2. General Admission for a single day is $35 and $55 for both days. Reserved seating is

  • Little America's Green Effort

    Back in 1934 when the original Little America opened it's doors thinking "green" was likely more closely associated with increasing the bottom line than it was with environmental concerns. Anymore hotels in Salt Lake need to and are taking steps to become more green. It's my opinion that along with

  • Delusional in Utah

    Date: July 4-14, 2008 Location: Snowbird/Alta, UT New Snow: 0" Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Nik Aksamitn Low Res YouTube Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Okay, skiing after this would make me officially deranged. Look for

  • Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market

    Growing up in Portland, Oregon the Saturday Market held under the Burnside Bridge and surrounding park was a great way to get local food, crafts and other items from "real" folks scratching out a living. Over the years that market has grown quite a bit and in the recent years the desire for locally

  • Summer Festival at Brighton Resort

    There are more than a few activities happening around Salt Lake this weekend but if you're looking to escape the heat and get into the mountains but still want the social/music scene then Brighton Resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon is the ticket. This Friday evening (July 11) Brighton is having its

  • Salt Lake Airport Getting More Friendly

    It's likely that you've gone to battle before or at the least you've tried the evasion tactic on occasion. If none of the above like me you've chanced it and risked the ticket or a scolding at the least. I'm talking about the at the passenger pick up area of the Salt Lake Airport . We've all been

  • Utah going to 4-10 to be Green

    Being Green. It's cache to some, over the top to others and to many it's becoming a way of life. Washington Post writer Mike Stark reported about the decision, or rather the executive order that Governor Jon Huntsman issued stating that state government employees will now be working 10-hour days

  • Check out Foothill and Salt Lake in the Summer

    When so many people think of Salt Lake City and tourism they almost immediately think of skiing. While skiing and snowboarding make up a big part of the visitors who come to town each year more and more people are discovering the other attractions that exist. Washington Post writer Andrea Sachs