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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from June 2016

  • Eat, Drink Salt Lake

    Salt Lake hosts a number of enticing food events, but one of the newest, and one of Visit Salt Lake’s favorites, is Eat Drink SLC—in fact, we love this event so much we’re sponsoring it for the second year in a row. Eat Drink SLC brings some of the city’s finest restaurants, chefs, and food

  • J.Wong’s Thai & Chinese Bistro

    Conventions and trade shows can be a great time and a welcome change of pace from the office, but they can also be exhausting—the result of countless conversations, over stimulation, and spending too many hours on your feet. After such a day, delicious comfort food in a relaxed setting is exactly

  • CrucialFest 6 Preview

    While Salt Lake becomes ever more cosmopolitan and progressive, its legacy as the capital city in a state settled by Mormons means its music scene is often preemptively dismissed by outsiders. But predominant cultures always spawn passionate subcultures and countercultures, and Salt Lake is a

  • Salt Lake's Top 5 Fun Runs

    Are you an early bird or a night owl? A fun runner or in serious marathon training mode? If you plan to be in Salt Lake City this summer, you can be all of those things in one day and have a blast doing it. The growing trend of themed fun runs and glowing nighttime 5Ks is hitting Salt Lake City hard