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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from June 2015

  • Salt Lake's Urban Biking Culture

    City cyclers have an excellent destination where they can spin their wheels out west. Salt Lake, Utah has been named one of America’s Best Biking Cities and offers urban biking, mountain biking, and trail biking—all in the same afternoon ride. This gorgeous mountain city is highly committed to

  • Eat Drink SLC

    Have you wanted to visit the Tracy Aviary, but had a hard time fitting it in around work? Do you need a unique date night idea? Are you behind on Salt Lake's latest culinary developments and dying to catch up? You can achieve all of the above on July 9th at the first annual Eat Drink SLC. The event

  • The Fighting Fullmer Brothers: Salt Lake's Boxing Legends

    In accordance with his home state's general friendliness and hospitality, Utah native Gene Fullmer was known as "Gentleman Gene." At least until he got into the boxing ring. Once inside the ropes, Gene stopped being a gentleman and transformed into the "Cyclone" or the "Mormon Mauler." Gene Fullmer

  • Hot Coffee at the Coolest Cafès in Salt Lake

    It’s time to grind up the old stereotype that nobody drinks coffee in Salt Lake because everyone is Mormon. Less than 50 percent of the Salt Lake City population is Mormon—or LDS, as many prefer to be called—and Salt Lake has become a hot spot for the hot, caffeinated beverage. Just ask The New York

  • Cinema City: Salt Lake's Independent & Art-House Film Scene

    When the Sundance Film Festival made Utah its home in the late 1970s, it opened the door for Utahns to see world-class cinema in their own backyard. Almost 40 years later, Sundance still provides a premiere opportunity for cinema buffs to see some of the best films in the world, and locals have the

  • God Hates Robots: Art for Everyone

    Most people know that Salt Lake, like any major city, has dozens of art galleries of all varieties, genres, and price ranges. New to the art scene is an affordable, first-of-its-kind gallery for emerging and experimental artists. It's called God Hates Robots. Run by Shon Taylor, himself a

  • Salt Lake Shines as a Solar Energy Capital

    There’s only one place in the United States that can boast a stadium with the largest solar array in American sports, a university offering discounted solar panels to locals, and even an aviary with a flamingo exhibit with pink solar trees. That place is Salt Lake, Utah, where even the parking

  • Better Than Ever: Salt Lake's Urban Flea Market

    The list of things that make Salt Lake such a cool place to live and visit just keeps growing and growing! One of these gems is now in its 5th year of existence, but might have escaped widespread notice because it only takes place once monthly during the warm-weather months. I’m talking about the

  • Salt Lake: An Urban Camping Paradise

    Imagine a city where you can shred at a ski resort or hike and bike mountain trails all day, then hit world-class downtown restaurants and entertainment hotspots at night—all within a 10-mile radius. Fans of a trendy new form of vacationing called urban camping will find a gem of a town for

  • The Hip Parents' Guide to Salt Lake

    Raising a kid in Salt Lake is pretty easy. Throw a rock and you’ll hit a kid (throwing rocks at kids is not recommended). But remaining cool and raising a kid in Salt Lake is a different story. Yeah, there’s a lot to do that's “family-friendly.” But where can you take your kid and also, you know,