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Posts from June 2009

  • Diving Through the Sky

    Looking for an adrenaline rush this summer? Then you might want to try skydiving ! Not only is the experience exhilarating, but the Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake are absolutely gorgeous viewed from the sky. Sky Dive Utah offers tandem dives for first-timers and other options for more

  • Salt Lake Housing Outlook

    While many cities are experiencing a housing market limbo or worse, Businessweek reports in a recent article that Salt Lake's housing outlook is bright . Because Salt Lake did not experience the height of the frenzied housing boom times, its housing market dodged the bust and has fared far better than

  • Salt Lake Convention Center Renamed

    When you arrive at your next meeting or convention here in Salt Lake you may notice something new. The Salt Palace has a new name. A couple weeks ago Salt Lake held a ceremony to officially rename its convention center the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center , in honor of Utah's only

  • Day Trip to Huntsville/Red Cliff Ranch Cafe

    Until recently, I hadn't explored much of the Ogden Valley. Then I went to Huntsville, and was blown away by the beautiful, quiet landscape only an hour's drive from Salt Lake. The trip's purpose was to work on a friend's cabin near Causey Resevoir, which we drove up to but didn't jump in just yet

  • Bird Watching at the Tracy Aviary

    You may not have known (I didn't realize this until recently) that the Tracy Aviary located on 8 acres in the heart of Salt Lake City is the largest of its kind in the United States. The Tracy Aviary is a new addition to the Connect Pass this summer and it could become a favorite for many who didn't

  • Bambara

    Located on Main Street adjacent to the Hotel Monaco , Bambara boasts a phenomenal new American bistro style menu. With menu items ranging from grilled king salmon with beluga black lentils to roasted Colorado bison and onion cornbread pudding, the difficulty in narrowing down the entree choices is

  • Golf Salt Lake Super Pass

    Somehow Ski Salt Lake rolls off the tongue more naturally for many who visit Salt Lake each year but did you realize that Golf Salt Lake is just as easy and actually as convenient if not more so than the world class ski resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons? Who knew? It's been a longtime tradition of

  • Rock Out During your Lunch Hour

    Hankering for some musical accompaniment to your lunchtime meal? Check out the Brown Bag Concert Series. Beginning June 29th and running through August, these free concerts feature local artists and are held every weekday from 12:15 to 1:00pm in public parks and plazas around Salt Lake City. This

  • Connect Pass Salt Lake This Summer

    The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass, created by the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau (SLCVB), continues to offer locals and visitors a streamlined way to enjoy 13 of Salt Lake area’s top attractions. The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass lets locals and visitors take advantage of the city’s proximity

  • Moab Day Hike

    Looking for a day hike near Moab with spectacular scenery that’s also dog-friendly? Check out Negro Bill Canyon – it’s a little more off the beaten path (not in the national parks), there’s no admission fee, and the perennial creek makes it hiker and canine friendly. Hike a couple miles in,

  • Twin Peaks

    Date: May 16-19, 2009 Location: Twin Peaks, UT Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Kyle Wehmanen & Carston Oliver Low-Res Vimeo Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Footage from three separate missions up Twin Peaks in mid-May in