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Posts from June 2008

  • Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red plate . . .

    “Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red plate. . .” Try Dee’s and The Blue Plate. I want to talk about food. Specifically the type of food that my good friend calls, "Slutty food," the type of food that is not trying to dress up nice or be called by fancy names. No, this is the food that strongly

  • The Grand Finale

    Footage from Snowbird's closing weekend! A big THANKS to everyone that was involved with this season. Two Flavors Low-Res Vimeo Version High-Res Download What an awesome way to end the season! Pond skimming, slush skiing, and chutes defined by

  • Mountain Biking in Salt Lake and Utah

    When people mention Utah and mountain biking in the same breath it's either associated or quickly followed by a "Moab" or "Gooseberry Mesa" or even "Park City single track". My guess is that locals to Salt Lake are snickering given that the riding here has improved dramatically in the past few

  • Lawrence of America coming to Salt Lake

    People think we're strange here in Utah. Heck (preferred Utah word), people think we're strange in the United States. I mean, who are we kidding, were weird. Alas, we are who we are. A mix of a hundred cultures, with all sorts of different quirks and cultural differences. To that end the Travel

  • Settebello - Purely Italian

    Thanks in part to my wife who lived in Italy for a time, and in part to my love of good food, when it comes to eating Italian I'm somewhat picky. Like most of you I want the real thing. It was with anticipation that my good friend Jules Lambert who runs the local company PROBAR , suggested we ha ve

  • A Litte Chuteing

    Date: June 13-15, 2008 Location: Alta/Snowbird, UT New Snow: 0" Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Daryn Edmunds, Carston Oliver, Ben Wheeler, Molly Baker ...and episode 4 is up. Going to goggle-strap mount this weekend in an effort to reduce the jitter in HC5. See you this weekend, Snowbird is saying this

  • Spinach Blackened Tilapia Salad at Squatters

    Best known for it's locally brewed beer with award winning flavors like Provo Girl Pilsner and Full Suspension Ale, Squatters wouldn't have been my first guess for finding what I think could be one of Salt Lake's best salads. But there I was last Thursday evening on a particularly pleasant summer

  • Lunch Options at Paradise Bakery

    Eating fresh and healthy for lunch whether you're a business traveler or local is thankfully less of a challenge than it has been in years past. What if you want to combine variety with healthy options? No problem if you're headed to Paradise Bakery in Sugarhouse or their location near downtown Salt

  • Oh Sushi, Oh so Good

    This past weekend a friend called me asking if I wanted to grab dinner. A man's gotta eat. When he suggested sushi and that it was on him I was completely in! I mean, who can turn down free sushi? He lives near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and I was coming from downtown Salt Lake headed

  • It Aint Over 'Till It's Over...

    Date: June 6-9, 2008 Location: Alta/Snowbird, UT New Snow: 0" Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Josh Matta, Adrian Lazo Camera was a bit jittery on this go through due to some chunky snow conditions. I decided to keep it short to avoid repetitive shots. Working on a better mounting technique to minimize

  • A Look Back at Project 337

    Just over one year ago Project 337 closed its doors following the final public viewing and readied for demolition this locally acclaimed art project. The idea was the brain child of Adam Price who bought this building and rather than tear it down immediately or board it up he decided to open it up

  • Something Fresh at Citris Grill

    Salt Lake has a number of freshly unique restaurants that you've never heard of. Citris Grill is likely one of them. Started in February 2004 at their Canyon Rim location on 3300 South, they've recently opened a Draper location serving up the same goodness there. From their site: At Citris Grill,

  • Junebird

    Date: May 30 - June 1, 2008 Location: Snowbird, UT New Snow: 0" Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Daryn Edmunds, Brady Newton, Carston Oliver, more... Spring in Utah rocks. Low Res YouTube Version: High-Res (640x426) Version: [ download ] Snowbird will be open through at least June 15th. Don't miss out on this