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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from May 2017

  • Mount Olympus Hike

    Mount Olympus is a dominating presence on the Salt Lake City skyline and makes for one of the area's most rewarding hikes. Its craggy summit juts up nearly a mile above the valley floor below, beckoning hikers to try to gain it. The north side of the mountain is terrain full of cliffs and enormous

  • The Living Room Hike

    This 1.25-mile hike up Red Butte Ridge ascends 980 feet and takes hikers to a vantage point known to locals as the Living Room that features slabs of sandstone arranged as furniture. One of the better short hikes to a prominent viewpoint above the Salt Lake Valley, it's easy to see why this

  • Salt Lake is a Microbrew Mecca

    It’s said that the proof in the pudding is in the eating, and we’re pretty happy to hear The Pudding’s proof about Salt Lake being the #10 Beer City in the US. Due to Utah’s interesting beer and liquor laws, brewers are limited to producing 3.2% alcohol content beer for grocery stores and beer and

  • Thrillist Loves Salt Lake's LGBT Culture

    PRIDE is only weeks away, and here in Salt Lake, we’re gathering LGBT laurels like it’s our job. Next to Pioneer Day (Utah celebrates statehood on July 24th), the PRIDE Festival is probably the biggest and most exciting event in downtown Salt Lake all year long. Here in Salt Lake we’re all about

  • NBA Playoff Buzz Hits Salt Lake

    NBA Playoff buzz is getting loud in Salt Lake—you can even hear it all the way out in Oakland. In response to certain Warriors’ laments about the quality of Salt Lake’s nightlife, Scott Beck—Visit Salt Lake CEO—drafted a welcoming response, complete with a promise that our local bartenders and