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Posts from May 2008

  • Salt Lake Flavor - Sugar or Spice?

    Looking for a different flavor of Salt Lake the next time you're in town? While there are a few outlets for the sugar, there's definitely one genuine spice factory. The easy way to get the "other" scoop on what Salt Lake tastes like is to pick up a copy of the Salt Lake City Weekly . Tagged as Salt

  • Rainy Spring Day in Salt Lake

    While walking through downtown Salt Lake the other day taking in a cool spring day marked by the occasional rain shower, I took a look around and realized that the city felt alive. Indeed the amount of construction relative to the Downtown Rising projects can seem overwhealming if your focus is

  • Utah HelmetCam Action 05/25

    Date: May 24-25, 2008 Location: Snowbird, UT New Snow: 17" Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner), Daryn Edmunds, Brady Newton Low Res YouTube Version: High-Res (640x480) Version: [ download ] Some Notes: The snow is really crusty (hence the shakyness of the camera) and this is my first go at Final Cut Studio 2 and

  • Kilby Court: SLC's Open-Air, Live-Local Music Venue

    If you are interested in Salt Lake City local music scene, check out the all-ages, Kilby Court . You know, an indi-venue that features indi-bands with indi-names like: Ladytron, The Schwas, Dirty Vespuccis, and Harry and the Potters (my favorite). Also at this venue, you’ll also find some of Salt

  • May Powder at Snowbird

    I received an e-mail from my buddy Tim who up until 5 years ago when he moved to Seattle was a Snowbird regular. It simply said: "You'd better be getting May powder at Snowbird today!" . Surely, I wouldn't let a 17" May storm pass me by when the lifts are still running. Arriving around 8:30am this

  • Lamb's Grill Cafe for Lunch

    Today I wanted to try something new. What I ended up with was something new for me but very old for Salt Lake. We were walking towards a lunch destination on Main Street that I've now forgotten when I spied Lamb's Grill Cafe. Telling my lunch partners that I'd never been to Lamb's we made a bee line

  • A good, stiff drink. Made in SLC.

    There's a new drink in town. Actually, there are two. They're seriously stiff. And they're made right here in Salt Lake City. No kidding. The High West Distillery , where proprietor David Perkins oversees the production of his award-winning Rendezvous Rye Whiskey and his new offering, Vodka 7000, is

  • Snowbird, What Me Worry?

    With over 11' of base, Snowbird's spring skiing season looks as though it may last well into June. Sure spring skiing means less powder days, but it also means less crowds, softer snow, and tee-shirt attire. Also, spring means backcountry skiing conditions are prime so the adventurer in you can

  • Ensign Peak: The Mormon Wimbledon

    In July of 1847, the Mormon Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley after an arduous 1300 mile trek. Upon arrival, their leader, Brigham Young , looked over the expansive valley below and boldly pronounced "This is the place." Two days later, he and a group of other leaders hiked up to a prominent

  • Ralph and Peter celebrate Cycle Salt Lake Week

    May 12-19 is National Bike to Work Week and Salt Lake is participating in full force with our version, Cycle Salt Lake. Today, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon headed up the joint city/county Bike to Work Day. They met up with a number of bike commuters at

  • Desert: Artistic Exploration of Place at Westminster College

    Brolly Arts and TRASA Urban Arts Collective , two local arts organizations, are presenting DESERT: An Evening of Exploration, at the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory at Westminster College , May 16-17 at 7:30 pm. The program, a soulful interpretation of Utah's desert through dance and other mediums,

  • Chanon Thai

    On the southwest corner of 900 S and 300 E, right next to the Cocoa Café , there’s a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant space that seemed doomed to fail. I used to live up the block from there, and literally, from my front porch, over the course of a year and a half, I watched two different

  • The Blue Cockatoo: Artisan showcase at 15th and 15th

    If I ever want to treat myself, one of my girlfriends, or my mom (yeah, Mother's Day is Sunday, remember?) to some new jewelry, I have one go-to place: the Blue Cockatoo Gallery in the charming 15th and 15th neighborhood. This little shop is a colorful showcase not just of jewelry but also of

  • The Coffee Garden at 9th and 9th

    If you live in Salt Lake City, when you hear someone mention " 9th and 9th ," you inevitably think of The Coffee Garden. The warm, bright, trendy cafe is practically synonymous with the nickname for one of our city's most famous neighborhoods, providing an anchor for the other eclectic shops and

  • The Steiner outdoor pool is open!

    The Steiner outdoor 50-meter pool is open. Summer is here! Well, OK. Spring is here! The outdoor pool opened today and will stay open through mid- to late-October, depending on the weather. It's a large, crystal blue lap pool (attached to a kiddie pool), with an incredible view of the close-up Wasatch

  • Romano's Macaroni Grill in Downtown Salt Lake

    The other day found me in downtown Salt Lake celebrating the graduation of a friend with a lunch at Romano's Macraroni Grill located on West Temple. What some may say it lacks in authenticity or unique local flair, it makes up for given its location in the historic and very chic Peery Hotel . Built

  • Alternatively Getting Around Salt Lake

    If you're talking wide and long, Salt Lake is big. Add to it the ski resorts up Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons and we're talking very large. For measurement's sake, excluding the resorts nor the canyons that get you there, the Salt Lake Valley is approx 22.5 miles North to South and 17.25 miles

  • Winter Won't Give Up

    Regardless of how hard spring tries to introduce herself to the Wasatch Mountains here in Utah, winter keeps coming back for another encore. The latest storm left over a foot of fresh powder at Snowbird , the only remaining ski and snowboard resort in all of Utah to be open this late in the season. If