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Posts from April 2010

  • Entertaining Mother's Day Gifts

    Mother's Day is May 9, and it's time for many of us to start stressing about what to get the wonderful mothers in our lives. Instead of getting Mom a rosebush she'll have to plant, clothes that likely won't fit or expensive candy that will make her worry about her weight, consider giving the gift of

  • Gaining Momentum in Salt Lake

    I haven't rocked climbed in years. Ok, that's a lie. I've never actually "rock climbed" . . . I've only been bouldering . . . in Tonasket, WA . . . which isn't exactly a mecca of bouldering or climbing. Needless to say, my experience and skill level in any sort of climbing is limited. Yet, despite

  • Genealogists: Get the Scoop on Your Family History in Newspapers

    Salt Lake is home to the Family Search Center, the largest genealogical database in the world. For more on researching Genealogy in Salt Lake, click here. Her fist went up and came back down with a resounding “Yes!” In the most recent episode of the NBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are? Susan

  • The Children’s Hour

    At 9th and 9th in Salt Lake City you will find us in absolute heaven at our favorite boutique, The Children's Hour, at 914 East 900 South in Salt Lake. Last time I visited I happened to have my camera so asked one of the owners if I could post about her shop on my blog. She was so nice and welcoming

  • San Gelato Cafe

    Sassy Scoops is a group of Utah bloggers that review and feature local businesses in Utah. After we went to San Gelato Cafe, we've been back time and again! San Gelato Cafe celebrates their passion of Italian food with their immense selection of genuine Italian ice cream (gelato), created by their

  • Frida Bistro - upscale Latin American cuisine

    Food is sexy. Think about any product you interact with, and few things inspire the passion and excitement that we feel when we have a great meal. Frida Bistro not only understands this relationship we have with food, but they embrace the idea that food is sexy. In this valley, where we have over

  • Utah Museum of Natural History

    Sassy Scoops is a group of Utah bloggers that review and feature local businesses in Utah. After we went to the Utah Museum of Natural History it has become a family favorite go-to place for all of us. The Utah Museum of Natural History (UMNH) is a family-friendly environment that offers a wide

  • Bambara gets facelift for 10th anniversary

    We knew folks were going under the knife (Heidi Montag) earlier and earlier. But age 10. Well that's a little early. Or maybe not. ...To kick off celebration of its 10th anniversary, Hotel Monaco's signature restaurant Bambara has undergone a refresh with a whole new look. Located in the

  • Top photos from the 2009-2010 ski season

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, instead of using the written word to eloquently describe to you how great my winter was at Solitude Mountain Resort, I figured it would be best to use photos. No, I'm not being lazy and not wanting to write. I'm actually doing this for you! I want

  • Fab classes & fine food at Tony Caputo's Market

    So what did Sassy Scoops think of the cooking classes offered by Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli? Is the cheese cave really as cool as it sounds? Read on to find out! QUESTION: What was your first impression? THE SCOOP Emily: How did I not know about this place before? I mean, I knew about it but

  • New Guys in Town

    There's something refreshing about watching kids see stuff for the very first time. It never really gets old, so with some new guys in town we headed out with the kids to take a look. Who are these guys? The new Gentoo penguins at The Living Planet Aquarium. My kids had never been to the aquarium

  • Easter Brunch

    To many, a big part of Easter is going to brunch, either with the whole family dressed in their Sunday best, or simply with friends to share good times…and a ton of good food and drink. We asked our Facebook fans where their favorite Salt Lake Easter brunch was and, we must admit, they offered some