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Posts from April 2009

  • Swell Hiking: Exploring Buckhorn Wash and the "Little Grand Canyon"

    With a few unexpected days off on my hands, I decided to get out of the city and beat feet to the San Rafael Swell. Midweek, I encountered not one other person on the trail, and the drive down (under four hours, front door to campsite) made it an easy trip from SLC. According to David Day, author of

  • Salt Lake Marathon Runs Through Town This Weekend

    One of my favorite Salt Lake events is happening this weekend. Prepare yourself people, it's the Salt Lake Marathon! In 2008 over 4,000 people participated in the half marathon alone and this year Marathon organizers are expecting a record number of participants. But if you know anything about me,

  • A City Like No Other

    A while back the UK Travel Channel hopped a British Airway flight and landed in Salt Lake City, staying at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center and the Marriott City Center. Very good choices I might add. From those two starting points they set out to see what Salt Lake is all about stopping by the Great

  • Dodging a Curve Ball in Salt Lake

    This year the Ski Salt Lake Shootout which took place in late February was once again a success. Great imagery was captured and a number of top photographers and athletes alike sampled Salt Lake's Cottonwood Canyons for the first time. But it didn't go off comletely without a hitch. For

  • Offsetting Travel Impacts with Trees

    When traveling to Salt Lake this year by plane or by car, as much as we like to talk about how much fun you'll have here, how close the mountains are and how hosting a meeting in Salt Lake has so much to offer, the truth is that traveling to Salt Lake emits a fair amount of carbon dioxide into the