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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from March 2015

  • Vintage Conference Ads

    For those ladies in need of an Easter waist, want no more. Remember that time your grandma said, "25 cents sure isn't worth what it used to be."? She was right. Nowadays a slightly mussed brassiere would cost at least $10. Coloring eggs for just one family can be a chore. These ladies

  • Salt Lake Transportation Tips: Establish Your Cab Fare First

    Here in Salt Lake, there's a variety of transportation options available, so arriving at your hotel, getting around town, and catching your flight is always quick and simple. A Trax light-rail line runs directly from the airport to downtown Salt Lake, Uber and Lyft are both popular and widely

  • Beer & Ballet: Spring 2015

    No, it's not what happens in your hotel or living room after an EPIC Big Bad Baptist. Beer & Ballet is one of Ballet West's highly anticipated annual events, and it's happening on April 9th at the Capitol Theatre. This 21+ evening will begin in the lobby at 7:00 pm, with with craft beer and hors

  • High-Altitude Cooking

    If you're planning on attending the spring session of the LDS Conference, be sure to stop by The Lion House for some of their famous rolls. If not, you can try making them at home. Cooking at high altitudes can be challenging, but we found this delightfully simple recipe. Lion House Rolls

  • 9 Reasons You Need to Plan a Spring Trip to Salt Lake

    Salt Lake has sprung forward, and spring fever is in the air. Here are nine reasons you should plan a trip to our fair city during this beautiful season. SPRING SKIING March and April are when the Wasatch Mountains often get some of their best and most plentiful snow, and with warmer temps,

  • 10 Unique Stores You'll Find Only in Salt Lake

    While Salt Lake is loved by many a shopaholic for its sparkly and modern indoor/outdoor City Creek Center, it's also a wonderful city in which to find unique items you won't find anywhere else. Here are ten places guaranteed to deliver on your treasure-hunting hopes and dreams, whether you're into