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Posts from March 2009

  • Spring Flowers at the LDS Temple

    In response to the lovely weather we had a few weeks ago, spring flowers have begun popping up all over Salt Lake. Crocuses, dwarf irises, and daffodils are some of the earliest spring flowers, and I've seen plenty in the neighborhoods and downtown. Soon enough we'll also start seeing my personal

  • New York Style Pizza in Downtown

    It seems you can't land a 747 in any city across the country that doesn't claim to have a New York style pizza. Salt Lake is no different. The thin floppy style hand tossed crust with rich taste and traditional toppings certainly calls to my taste buds. While I've had New York style pizza from a few

  • San Rafael: Easy-Access Canyoneering

    There's a slot-canyon paradise just a little over three hours' drive to the south of Salt Lake City: San Rafael Swell . In any other state, this area would most definitely be a State Park at least, but Utah simply has so many natural wonders that it still hasn't caught the attention for such a

  • Clubs and Bars - Not So Private Any More

    Following decades of baffling visitors with its quirky liquor laws, Utah legislators recently passed sweeping changes to the state's oft-criticized liquor laws, including the elimination the state's private club system. This move will simply add to Utah's ever-growing attributes as a world-class

  • SkiTops 2009 Convention

    Ski Salt Lake and its partners just wrapped up hosting 100 of the top-selling tour operators throughout North America during SkiTops' 2009 annual convention. The 4-day convention gave this group of influential sellers of ski vacations a birds-eye view of Salt Lake's version of apres ski, a far cry

  • Utah Boat Show at South Towne

    It's snowing outside today but with last weeks' weather and the 44th annual, 2009 Utah Boat Show last month it was feeling like boating here in Utah was just around the corner. Well, it will be for the faithful who don't mind donning a dry or wetsuit but it's still a little bit off. However, if you

  • Take your skiing to the next level

    Are you an expert skiier but want to take your abilities to the next level? Noting the "void in the area of expert ski instruction", Alta Ski School instructor Stephen Helfenbein developed Alta's Performance Ski Camp . The three- to four-day instructional experiences are aimed at the "skier who...

  • Thai Garden Restaurant

    I hit a new Thai restaurant today for lunch with my co-workers, Mel and Jaimie. It was a risky move for us because we love Thai food, and we have a couple favorite places already--it was almost like we were cheating on our favorite Thai restaurants. Nevertheless, this restaurant had been highly

  • Just One Week Ago

    It was just one week ago that I found myself at Brighton Resort with 25" of new snow. To say it was off the hook is an understatement. One canyon over at Snowbird where just under 20" fell the scene was similar to what I experiences at Brighton. It's amazing to think with today's temperatures in the

  • Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

    The Salt Palace hosts a wide variety of meetings and conventions each year. One of the more unique conventions is the annual Western Hunting and Conservation Expo . With booths that include elk, deer, bear and other stuffed animals the convention center is transformed into a hunters paradise. I had

  • Scenic Proposal

    Our friends up at Solitude Mountain Resort sent us this photo of Solitude local Nick who is proposing to a surprised and ecstatic Erin. They may have picked one of the most scenic locations around on yet another gorgeous Utah winter day to make it happen Of course they are planning their wedding for

  • Salt Lake Brew Pubs Raising Brows

    As the state and Governor Huntsman finalize plans (today) to do away with the private club membership for bars, more and more people are taking notice of Salt Lake's brew pubs. Oh my heck, (only in Utah) we've known that the brew pubs here are some of the best in the country with award winning brews

  • The Nature of Things 2009 Lecture Series

    Every year, the Utah Museum of Natural History organizes The Nature of Things , a lecture series that offers commentary and discussion about recent scientific advancements as well as outstanding challenges. This year the series focuses on sustainability and has an excellent line-up of speakers.

  • Caputo's Chocolate Tasting Class

    Tony Caputo's Market is a foodie's paradise in downtown Salt Lake City. This is the place for quality imported items such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, delicious cheeses (they are one of the few places in the US with their very own cheese cave), and delectable chocolates. What most people don't

  • Fueling Up for the Slopes

    A day on the slopes requires fuel for your body, especially if you're visiting and aren't used to the elevation and exertion that is skiing in Utah. While I enjoy a good meal on the slopes at a location like the Collins Grill at Alta, stocking up for a day by visiting a location like Whole Foods is

  • Canaday Joins Salt Lake CVB's D.C. Sales Team

    A couple weeks ago as I was walking around the office here the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau (SLCVB), I bumped into an enthusiastic guy who happily greeted me, dressed in a full suit. Not that we are casual Monday through Friday around these parts, but full suits are a somewhat rare sighting

  • Ski Salt Lake Super Pass

    All lift passes are not created equal. Some are sticky and come with a wire bail. Others rest easy in your pocket for a scanner to pick up, granting you access to the goods via a turn-stall much like a rock concert. And then there are some that loosely attach with a zip-tie, which when mistakenly put

  • Bevalo - Community and Coffee in Downtown

    I'm sitting in Bevalo for the second time in as many weeks, listening to a casual hip hop blend drinking "Unity" tea. A lightly sweetened blend with a hint of organic licorice root, it's good enough that while in downtown Salt Lake today I had to give heed to my craving and stop by. The more I sit

  • Happy Feet = Happy Skiing

    For many of Utah's ski visitors, the time spent at the resorts may well comprise the only skiing or boarding they do all year. This makes it all the more important to make the best of every day on the mountain, and ski boots are the most significant deciding factor between an awesome day and