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Posts from March 2008

  • Gelande Quaffing at the Outdoor Retailer Show

    Hosting a wide variety of meetings and conferences in the Salt Lake Convention Center is like a riding roller coaster. Ups and downs, twists, spins, loops and generally a wild ride that keeps you laughing and smiling along the way (if anything at yourself to say the least). When you are playing host

  • January 96th At Snowbird

    Location: Snowbird, UT Date: March 16, 2008 New Snow: 34" (last 7 days) Crew: Myself (Jake Kirshner), Dan Cudlip, Omi Kort, Tommy Mulleady, Nick Thomas In the Salt Lake Valley things are beginning to feel like spring. Snow is melting from the ground, temperatures are rising, and bicycles and skateboards

  • Ski Salt Lake Shootout

    This winter Ski Salt Lake put together an unique concept to show off the mountains whose shadow we live beneath. This was to find a group of ski photographers, a pile of ski athletes and match them to the impressive skiing that Salt Lake is famous for. Bringing the three elements together became the