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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from February 2017

  • Sartain and Saunders

    Will Sartain and Lance Saunders have been heavily involved in Salt Lake’s music scene for over a decade now. They both spent a good chunk of time on stage, and when they weren’t performing with their bands or supporting other local and touring musicians from the crowd, they were doing bookings for

  • Laziz Kitchen

    Moudi Sbiety and Derek Kitchen: another Salt Lake power couple who kicked things off at the Downtown Farmers Market. Raised in Lebanon, Moudi missed authentic Lebanese hummus and wanted to share it with his new community. So he and Derek formed Laziz Foods and began selling their homemade hummus,

  • Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

    Husband and wife team Hasen Cone and Teri Rosquist ran a popular limeade stand at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market for 12 years before deciding to take the plunge and open their own restaurant. Hasen, also the frontman of local gypsy-rock band Hectic Hobo, brought his unbridled creativity and a

  • Rest Day in Ski City

    We know. You came to Salt Lake to ski. But maybe you pushed your quads to the max and need a recovery day. Or maybe your non-skiing other half agreed to join you in Ski City on the condition that you spend a day off the slopes together. Or maybe you’re just a well-rounded person who likes art,