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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from February 2016

  • The Leonardo

    How To Leo "Inside all of us is a genius. It might be in math, art, science or technology (and it might be buried beneath a few layers of self-doubt), but we’ve seen countless people discover their inner genius inside these doors. Ask questions. Be curious. Open your mind." It all starts with

  • The Natural History Museum of Utah

    The Natural History Museum of Utah is an adventure into the past for young and old alike. If you haven't been recently, we recommend a visit to see the new Geckos Live exhibit. Geckos Live! Bulging eyes, sticky toepads, incredible night vision and disposable body parts—welcome to a gecko’s

  • A Romantic Getaway in Salt Lake

    When the need for a romantic getaway strikes, Salt Lake is the perfect escape for a fling with your flame. New relationships, and decades old romances alike will see a spark after three days and two nights filled with time alone. Day One: Nothing says romance like Jane Austen, and there’s

  • Unique Ways to Stay Fit in Salt Lake

    Utah Flying Trapeze Located at the Utah Olympic Oval 5662 Cougar Lane Salt Lake City, UT 84118 801.989.6287 Flying trapeze and circus arts are one of the hottest and fastest growing activities in the United States. Schools are becoming more common in larger cities such as New York,

  • Where to Watch The Big Game in Salt Lake

    Wondering where you can watch the big game? Don't worry. There are tons of places where you can catch the game, get a beer or cocktail and some sports-worthy snacks, too. Legends Pub & Grill 677 S 200 W Salt Lake City, UT 84101 (801) 355-3598 Legends is great food, sports and fun! Kick