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  • Ski Salt Lake Shootout - Day 3

    Well the clouds came in but the temps didn't come down like they typically do here in Salt Lake. Call it global warming, call it a fluke, bad a spade a spade. Regardless of the lack of cooperation, the skiers and photographers for the Ski Salt Lake Shootout were at it on day 3 at

  • Laura Barnes - Marketing Media Manager

    You know you've landed in a cool spot when in your first week on the job two of those days are spent on the slopes of Salt Lake's ski resorts. Such was the introduction to the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau that Laura Barnes received after joining the ranks. She is taking on the role of

  • 2009 Ski Salt Lake Shootout

    After last year's successful Ski Salt Lake Shootout , the athletes and photographers have once again assembled to the Wasatch Mountains, specifically the resorts of Brighton, Solitude, Alta and Snowbird. We are now two days into the competition and already there are a couple of video posts,

  • Powder Mountain Snowcat Skiing

    Date: February 20, 2009 Location: Powder Mountain, UT Featuring: Just Me (Jake Kirshner) Low-Res Vimeo Version: High-Res Version: (right-click > save target/link as...) Skiing in Salt Lake City has quite a few advantages. Awesome snow, awesome terrain,

  • A Typical Weekend at Alta

    I was skiing this past week at Alta with a friend in from Chamonix, France and aside from mentioning that my 139 mm waist width Mavens were something he could only ski a couple of times a year, he went on to say that in France they'll get new snow but rarely if ever like last week at Alta where a

  • Airport Recycling

    When arriving in Salt Lake Airport a week or so ago, I noticed the numerous recycling bins in the concourse announcing that Salt Lake Recycles. It got me thinking about airports in general and the amount of things that are likely not recycled but rather tossed to the land fill, particularly from

  • Omniture Summit - Are you a Mac or a PC?

    As I was leaving the Salt Palace Convention Center last night with the Omniture Summit 09 near conclusion for Day 1, I took notice of the Cyber Cafe that is sponsored by Dell and Mac. As I was observing the fact that there was a Dell laptop and a Mac desktop at each cyber station, I bumped into my

  • Omniture Summit 2009 In Salt Lake City

    Omniture , one of if not THE web's leading analytics company is hosting their annual summit at the Salt Palace this week. Although just a two day conference, the Omniture Summit 2009 is where a lot of case studies are shared showcasing how their software is being used by clients as well as insights

  • Is Skiing in Salt Lake Affordable?

    The old adage of " you get what you pay for " may not necessarily apply to skiing in Utah where, as the USA Today recently wrote about, you often get more than what you pay for. The article which ran as a Travel Section cover story last week cited Utah and specifically the Cottonwood Resorts as some of

  • Ullr Greets Utah Out-of-Towners

    It's no secret that President's Day Weekend is a busy one for ski resorts (I've heard it is the most busy of all the holidays), so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out Ullr brought some extra snow for everyone to play in. Kris, not letting his shoulder injury keep him down I show off the top of

  • 311" of Snow at Snowbird

    311" of snow has fallen at Snowbird this season and although this video they just produced looks like 311" it is evidence of the recent storms which laid down well over two feet in the last week. And just in time for Valentines the weather service is calling for a brute of a storm tomorrow with round

  • Welcoming People in Salt Lake

    When more than 17,000 people descend upon Salt Lake for the Outdoor Retailer Show Winter Market there are bound to be a wide variety of ways that Salt Lake is perceived. Delana Angrignon who is from Squamish, British Columbia talks about how welcoming the businesses in Salt Lake are. Additionally she

  • Valentines Dinner at Snowbird

    Evenings in the mountains are as unique as they are magical. Feeling like you're so far away with barely a light to distract from the stars illumination, but at Snowbird you're only 15 minutes away from the city. A sense of romance exists that isn't easily duplicated. If you enjoy the mountains how

  • Utah's Watering Holes

    Salt Lake Magazine is a treasure within the city and always a great resource of the ins and outs regardless of the topic. I like the check online but just as well the print version contains unique articles and images of the city and surrounding area. If you've not got a subscription, it could be the

  • Getting Outdoors in Salt Lake

    During the Outdoor Retailer Show I visited with Don from Alpine Aire, a dry instant meal backpacking food company. He comes to Salt Lake twice a year, coinciding with the Outdoor Retailer Show. One of the things that resonates with all of the people that I visited with during the show, including Don,

  • Metropolitan Owner Named to DiRoNA Board

    Karen Olson, principal owner of Metropolitan, one of Salt Lake City's finest restaurants , recently accepted the prestigious role of vice chair for the Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRoNA) Board of Directors. The appointment was made last fall at DiRoNA's 18th annual conference. In

  • How Salt Lake Stacks Up

    Salt Lake has the Outdoor Retailer Show and Denver will soon have the Ski Industry Association show, having nabbed it up from Vegas' grasp. Denver has the Nuggets and Coors while Salt Lake has the Jazz and Squatters. Our mountains are...well, I could go on and on with the comparisons but I doubt

  • Salt Lake is Like Coming Home

    During the Outdoor Retailer Show Winter Market I had the chance to inverview a few of the attendees at random. Of course it was easier to pin down those that were hanging out in a booth versus those that were just milling about. In this clip I had the chance to talk with Chuck Toal who works for

  • Normal is Boring at The Pie

    The Pie is more an institution than a "restaurant". Although there are 5 locations around Salt Lake, the Underground is the spot, located both down stairs and down the street from a different kind of institution. The Pie has a flavor of it's own that resonates with more than just the students of the

  • Perfect Timing

    Ski vacations. So often when you've booked a ski trip you might pray for sunny weather, 2 feet of fresh powder and slopes that aren't crowded all rolled into one. Heck, why not dream big, right? What you might pray for when you've got a convention to attend is that it won't snow, which may somehow