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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from January 2014

  • Salt Lake Connect Pass: The Lion House Pantry

    (Photos courtesy of The Lion House Facebook page.) The Salt Lake Connect Pass is your pass to 13 different locations across Salt Lake City. The Lion House is one of those attractions on the pass. The Lion House was built in 1855 and was one of the homes for Brigham Young and his family. It is

  • Olympic themed family activities

    Salt Lake and other Olympic cities like it come alive during the weeks and months before an Olympic games with various qualifying events. Attending these events are magical and so good for young minds learning about sporting and the international community of athletes. Those of us in Non-Olympic


    Because extreme temps can bring extra hazards, here’s just a few reminders to help you safely enjoy the outdoor winter activities with your family. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dressing babies and children in one more layer of clothingthan an adult would wear. Wear sun glasses. The

  • Salt Lake City's Free Museums

    Salt Lake City has a number of interesting free museums. Other museums that normally charge admission have free exhibits or regular free days. Clark Planetarium The star shows and IMAX theater at the Clark Planetarium aren't free, but the planetarium does have a number of free exhibits that are

  • Sundance Cafe at Sicilia Pizza

    The Sundance Café is back by popular demand in conjunction with Salt Lake City screenings of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. This year's location is Sicilia Pizza Kitchen, 35 West Broadway, between the festival's two main SLC venues, the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center and Broadway Centre

  • Red Butte Gardens Loop: A trail and patient friend

    I've written briefly about this hike in my post, Five great early winter hikes in Salt Lake City, but I didn't discuss it in depth. I didn't share how this simple, beautiful, trail has helped me feel and process my emotions. It's odd to think of a trail as a friend, but I do. I've grown a lot since

  • Winter Wine Dinner Wonderland

    Obsidian/Tricycle Wine Company Dinner This winter, Alta's Shallow Shaft restaurant is hosting a series of wine focused dinners. Now in its 46th season, the restaurant overlooks the base of Alta Ski Resort and with a 23 page wine menu on hand - was winner of Salt Lake Magazine’s “Best Wine List” and

  • UMFA Opens Great Salt Lake Exhibits Jan. 24

    The Winter/Spring season this year at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts highlight's Salt Lake City's namesake natural feature, the Great Salt Lake. Three exhibits, one currently on display and two opening January 24, feature the Great Salt Lake as a source of artistic inspiration and intellectual