Este Pizzeria - no ranch, no pineapple, no red sox attireA few weeks back we reviewed Este Pizza's downtown location after I had some of the tastiest New York pizza in west of the Hudson. So it comes as no surprise that the Salt Lake Tribune ran a short piece about Este Pizza this week showcasing one of its dishes at their "Dish of the Week".It also gives me reason (as if I needed another reason) to get back to Este for their fried dough fritters which sounds like a treat I can't pass up.Here is a blip from the review:
$4 ยป Este Pizzeria 's fried dough fritters are bite-sized, coated in cinnamon sugar and best enjoyed in house when they're piping hot.
Este Downtown is located at 168 E. 200 South but you can also find them in Sugarhouse.--via Salt Lake Tribune