outdoor-retailer-show-day3I was walking around the Outdoor Retailer Winter Show today, talking with people, asking how business has been going and surprisingly, there are a lot of people saying that the show has been strong!Some, like local backcountry ski manufacturer Black Diamond told me that they were having a good show despite most of the ordering being done prior to the show.Others like the folks from Primaloft said that they were having a tremendous show thus far with many deals being done.Although the aisles were slower than the larger Summer Outdoor Retailer Show they looked busy today. By mid afternoon I was ready for a pick-me-up. Then I spotted it:Outdoor Retailer Show ice cream at the Polartec BoothThanks to Polartec or whomever was responsible for the 4 fabulous flavors of ice cream. Admittedly, I went back for seconds.