Part III of an ongoing series...realsaltlakesoccer-4-of-13My next stop on the quest to have as much fun as possible on $200 was a seat at Saturday's Real Salt Lake Major League Soccer playoff game, versus Columbus, here at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy.  Pro soccer might just be my new favorite spectator sport, and the Real Salt Lake fans are really, really fun.Two friends of mine are season ticket holders, and when they purchased a bunch of playoff tickets to sell to friends, I jumped at the chance to see one of Salt Lake's pro teams.  At $15, seats were definitely affordable.  We took Trax, parking for free at the lot by the 2100 South stop, then walking a few block to the stadium in Sandy (from the 9400 S/Sandy Expo stop).realsaltlakesoccer-1-of-13 realsaltlakesoccer-2-of-13The stadium is beautiful - easy to navigate, with views of the mountains to the east and west.  The crowd gets into the game - my friends knew all the players' names, as well as the stories behind this team's season, and I don't think they were alone.  I get the impression that Real SL fans are dedicated, but welcoming of newcomers.realsaltlakesoccer-10-of-13 realsaltlakesoccer-6-of-13This impression was confirmed as we headed over to what appeared to be the most vocal and rowdy (yet organized) section of the stadium, behind the south end of the field.  Drumming, chanting, and clouds of smoke and confetti regularly came from this section.  It was indeed a dedicated group - there were even printed song sheets! Kids as well as adults were into the game.realsaltlakesoccer-3-of-13 realsaltlakesoccer-8-of-13The game itself was a tight one, with no scoring until the last two minutes, when we (Salt Lake), finally got a goal.  As you might expect, the stadium erupted, in a good-natured sort of way.  It's just too bad this was the last home game of the year - I'm looking forward to next season!realsaltlakesoccer-12-of-13Total cost: Game ticket $15 + RT ticket on Trax $4 = $19.00Remaining Fun Balance: $120.47