There was really only three season in Utah in the last year. A 9 month winter, a 2 week summer, and now fall. For mountain biking, there really is not better season than Fall. Everything changes color, the air gets colder, it rains, and most importantly everything gets muddy so you bike gets dirty and you can feel gnar.Last weekend I rode my bike on Spiro trail from Park City Mountain Resort to Mid-Mountain trail than dropped into The Canyons to watch the 48Straight Biking Competition. It was off and on rain showers and blue bird the entire time and bike bike transformed from blueish gray to brown from the mud. I feel cool.Mike climbing under park city chairsI outrun the Fall storm systemMike climbing in another Park City Aspen GroveIt's not fun until I find something to jump off ofMike flying over some chocolate chipsI ride past some awesome greeneryThe athletes of 48Straight showing offFull GalleryNow I'm off to clean my bike...or admire its dirt!Jake