Location: Alta, UTDate: October 7, 2007New Snow: 30" (last 7 days)Crew: Myself (Jake Kirshner), Adrian Lazo, Josh Matta, Tim Romano, Jason TrueSome people will explain Alta's insane pre-season snowfall is due to cyclical weather patterns and cold fronts from the Pacific Northwest. I have a far more logical explanation, my 20th birthday is in 2-days and this is obviously a present from Ullr the Norse God of all things winter!Early worm gets the powder.In Baldy We Trust.Tim, befuddled by this October pow.Jason, charging on his green machines.I get a powder skirt.Josh practices some parallel turns.Adrian goes into the deep.Winter has arrived in the Wasatch.Judging by the forecast, it would appear Ullr is not done with the snow.Jake