Location: Snowbird, UTDate: December 19, 2007New Snow: 20" (last 7 days)Crew: Myself (Jake Kirshner), Josh Matta, Dan CudlipPeople celebrate the holidays in different ways. Some people decorate a tree with lights and ornaments, while other light candles eight nights in a row.However, I celebrated this holiday season by strapping 191cm planks to each of my feet and going headlong into the deep Utah snow.Snowbird Ski Instructor Josh Matta gives us a refresher course on skiing pow.Fellow Instructor Dan Cudlip does his best to follow suit.I find my happy place in Gad 2's Banana Trees.Josh goes incognito under Mineral Basin Express.Dan fights his way out of the deep pow on Silver Dipper.I wrap things up with some air in Gad 2's Tiger Tail.The seven day forecast is full of storms...this has some serious potential,Jake