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This Is the Chillest City in America?

Published: 06/25/2014
By Ben Cosman, The Wire -- New rankings out Wednesday from CNNMoney break down the most stressed out cities in America. But the real story here: Salt Lake City is the least stressed. 

The rankings place New York City at the top as America's most stressed city, and well, duh. Detroit and Los Angeles at two and three? Obviously, considering Detroit's bankruptcy and Los Angeles being L.A. America's most stressed cities are boring. 

The bottom of the list – America's least stressed cities, aka the chillest – is much more interesting. SLC is the most relaxed (maybe the punks won after all, or the fact that Utah saw its same-sex marriage ban fall Wednesday), and other zen cities include Minneapolis (but not St. Paul?) and Raleigh, North Carolina. My only quibble: two western New York cities 50 and lower? As a Rochester, NY native, I can assure you that no Rust Belt member should be considered chill in any sense of the word. Certainly not the second least stressed city in America. 

CNNMoney got help from the American Psychological Association, among others, to evaluate America's cities with a population of 1 million or more on a number of factors: economy (unemployment/cost of living), work (commute/hours), lifestyle (health figures), family (average size), and crime (murder/property crime). 

Without further ado, here are America's most and least stressed cities. 

Top 5 Least Stressed

Salt Lake City, Utah
Rochester, New York
Raleigh, North Carolina
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Richmond, Virginia
Top 5 Most Stressed

New York City
Detroit, Michigan
Los Angeles, California
Riverside/San Bernardino, California 
Houston, Texas