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Pro Skier Julian Carr’s Guide to Salt Lake City

Published: 07/01/2016
By Megan Barber, Curbed Ski — The People's Guide is a new series exploring iconic towns in ski country from the perspective of the people who know it best: locals. This time around, we welcome Julian Carr, one of skiing’s best cliff jumpers and a familiar face in many of our favorite skiing flicks. Here, he explains what living in Salt Lake City is all about.

How long have you lived in Salt Lake City and why did you move here?
I was born and raised in the fine city of Salt Lake.

What do you like best about SLC?
I live downtown, so it’s only 30 minutes to Alta/Snowbird, 10 minutes to the airport, and 3 hours to the desert.

What do you like least about SLC?
That not all cities can be this rad.

How has SLC changed since you moved there?
It’s definitely grown, but it’s still good old Salt Lake City in my heart, always will be. Too many childhood memories have shaped my perception of my home town.

Who are the stereotypical residents of your town?
We are all ends of the spectrum, that is what makes SLC great. I love my snow bro culture, but I like to escape, have friends that have nothing to do with snow culture as well.

Hidden gems in your town:
Hires ‘Big H’, [an old fashioned drive-in famous for burgers, fries, and shakes.]

What’s your favorite local joint?
The Bayou [a beer-centric comfort food joint] and Dick N Dixies [a sportsbar]

You’ve just had a top-ten powder day. Where do you go after?
I have a great loop. First, I start at the Sitzmark at the Alta Lodge, then Goldminer’s Daughter, then the Peruvian Lodge.

What’s your favorite summertime trail (to bike, hike, or whatever)?

Grandeur Peak, Mt. Olympus, Jack’s Peak, Beacon Peak, Avenues Twin Peaks, Lone Peak, Pfeiferhorn, etc.

What’s your favorite ski run or powder stash?
Keyhole [at Snowbird Ski Resort]

Who wouldn’t be happy living in SLC?
It’s horrible here, haha. Don’t come!

What does SLC have that no other ski town has?
The best snow on earth.

Do you like Salt Lake better than the other urban ski towns (Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, etc)? Why or why not?
I do. Proximity, quality of snow, and the low cost of living.

The final word on SLC: