CareerBliss -- This year, San Jose was rated the happiest city to work in, and Washington D.C. wasn’t far too behind.

These ratings come directly from hundreds of thousands of employee submitted reviews. Professionals rated how they felt about the place they work and how that impacted overall workplace happiness.

Companies based in San Jose, D.C., San Francisco, Vegas and—surprisingly—Salt Lake City keep their work family the happiest!

Cincinnati, on the other hand, had the lowest ratings of all the cities, followed by Orlando and Indianapolis.

Happiest Cities for Work in 2014

Rank Cities                Bliss Rating*
1 San Jose, CA    3.931
2 Washington D.C.    3.927
3 San Francisco, CA    3.925
4 Las Vegas, NV    3.891
5    Salt Lake City, UT   3.840
6 Houston, TX            3.817
7 Boston, MA            3.800
8 Philadelphia, PA    3.783
9 San Diego, CA    3.783
10 Charlotte, NC    3.782

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The CareerBliss data evaluates the key factors which affect work happiness, including: one's relationship with their boss and co-workers, their work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, their daily tasks, and job control over the work that they do on a daily basis. The data accounts for how an employee values each factor as well as how important that factor is to the employee's overall happiness. Each review is given an average score indicating where the company places between one and five.

* Bliss Rating: Overall job happiness score assigned by employees. Bliss Rating is derived from company reviews which evaluate each of the key factors that contribute to the overall happiness in the workplace.