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On July 24, 1847, when the Mormon pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, Brigham Young looked out across the land and said, "This is the right place. Drive on." In 2015, business travelers and vacationers are still saying the same thing. With it's vast recreational opportunities and burgeoning tech industry, Utah is a great location for mixing business and pleasure.
Meetings & Conventions
Salt Lake City is the perfect location for meetings and conventions. With the airport only a few miles from downtown, travelers have easy access to hotels and convention centers. Utah also offers a great value for businesses or organizations who hold conventions or meetings in the state. The Corporate Business Travel Index consistently ranks Salt Lake City as one of the most affordable destinations in the US.
Pro-business climate
Forbes rated Utah as the #1 state for business in 2014. Businesses can benefit from the third lowest energy costs in the U.S. The state has become a hub for technology companies like Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft and Twitter. "The talent pool in Utah is incredible," said Scott Murray, vice president of global customer experience at EBay. He cites Mormon missionaries with foreign language skills and the presence of many software engineers are adding to the state's advantages.
Outdoor recreation
Since 1962, Utah has touted itself as having The Greatest Snow on Earth. Utah receives, on average, 18 Monster Dumps (12 inches of snow or more within a 24-hour period) throughout the winter. This makes for perfect skiing and other winter recreational activities. Park City boasts 3 ski resorts - Deer Valley, The Canyons, and Park City Mountain Ski Resort.
Although world-famous for its snow and winter activities, Utah is likewise a great location for hiking, mountain biking, and camping. When the snow is falling in the northern part of the state, southern Utah offers milder temperatures. Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Lake Powell are just a few of the many national and state parks Utah has to offer.
Music Scene
Neon trees. Imagine Dragons. Fictionist. The Used. Joshua James. All of these artists have common roots in Provo, Utah. In the last decade, Provo has been churning out world-famous artists, like Ryan Innes, a contestant on NBC's The Voice. There are many reasons for Provo's flourishing music scene, but the music venue Velour has had probably the biggest impact. Joshua James says, "There is a community of supporting music in Provo. Go to Velour for a band you've never heard of, and there will be 200 people there. Go to Salt Lake City for a band that's well-known, and there will be 30 people there.
Utah's multiple convention centers, business friendly climate, outdoor recreation opportunities, and music scene are only a few of the reasons to mix business and pleasure there. Utah also has the fastest broadband in the Western U.S. -- perfect for streaming movies while relaxing in your hotel room AND live tweeting from the floor of the Salt Palace during your organization's convention. Twenty-two million visitors come to the state of Utah every year, 50,000 of them for the Sundance Film Festival alone.
Utah is ranked #8 for ice cream consumption per capita, and has been named the happiest state in the nation. It's probably because of all the ice cream its residents eat. When planning your next business trip or vacation, remember that "This is the right place."