By Grant Marek, Thrillist -- Fact: I knew zero facts about drinking in Utah before writing this guide to drinking in Utah. I honestly wasn't 100% sure they had bars, and if they did, I was 1,000% sure they only served 3.2% ABV beers. And liquor? Hahaha, no. I had worked it out in my mind that the reason High West Distillery could even exist in Utah was either because: 1) it was on an Indian Reservation (sovereign land, yo!), or 2) they were part of some weird Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo amendment. Either way, I was positive you couldn't get the drinks you wanted in Utah.

But then I spent a week there doing EXACTLY THAT, and in the process, learned some stuff about: 1) Utah's drinking laws, and 2) the must-hit bars in Utah's best ski towns. Here's everything you need to know about BOTH.

Utah drinking laws you need to know
1. Shotskis are totally allowed
2. Grocery stores only sell 4% ABV beer (aka the mythical 3.2% ABW* beer)
3. Tap beers everywhere? Also only 4%.
4. Bottled beers at bars/restaurants can be whatever % they want (oontz, oontz, oontz)
5. Shotskis are TOTALLY allowed
6. If you're at a restaurant, you have to order some kind of food if you wanna drink
7. Cocktails can only have 1.5oz of their main booze, but you can get a sidecar provided it's not the same as the main booze. Basically get a shot of bourbon with your rye Old Fashioned.

To the Utah ski town drinking guides!

*Utah measures its beer by weight, not by volume (so ABW vs. ABV). Best way to figure it out: a 3.2% ABW beer is actually a 4.0% ABV beer, AKA a Bud Light.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon primer: 1) This is basically All-inclusive-ville, USA. Most of the places you'll stay in LCC have meals (we're talking everything from steak dinners to brunch buffets) included with your stay, 2) You'll be drinking here if you're partying at Alta or Snowbird, and 3) Stay at Alta -- it's one of the most unique places you can stay in Utah snow country, a sort of Norwegian loft without a bad view in the house.

The General Store
There's only one place in alllllll of Little Cottonwood Canyon that will sell you bottles of liquor, and that place is The General Store. Maybe one of the coolest liquor stores in America, it's inside of Alta Lodge's ski locker room, is about the size of a walk-in closet, and fifths will run you between $20-$30. Need mixers? Either buy them there or ask one of the hotel staff really, really nicely -- everyone who works there is super chill.

Sitzmark Club
This place is a legitimate throwback. Located a level up from the Alta Lodge lobby, it has a bar with a sunken drinking living room, and a cozy above-the-bar area that has the aprés thing down.

And even though we've kind of stressed the whole "cocktails are sorta weak here" thing up until this point, let's just say you should get Sitzmark's "Party Marg." It just. Tastes. Boozier. (Oh, and these aren't them. Don't get these, get the Party Margs.

The Cliff Lodge Pool
Aprés + hot tubs + rooftops + Snowbird = So much yes.

The Tram Club
This place looks like it has a lot of TVs in this picture. It looks like it has EVEN MORE in person. Great place to throw back some (BOTTLED!) beers and catch a game.

Snowbird Resort
For three months a year, the grounds at Snowbird Resort turn into one of America's 10 Best Oktoberfests, according to Men's Journal, which is a magazine some people read. The event draws 60,000 prost-ers, who take part in everything from Strongman Hammer Contests to a whole shload of biergartens, plus the whole thing is kid friendly.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon primer: 1) It's only 19 minutes from the airport, 2) The canyon used to be a big gold/silver mining area, and you can still spot old mines while you're winding down the slopes, and 3) This is where you're gonna be drinking if you're skiing Brighton or Solitude.

Honeycomb Grill
Best part? That jerky on top of the Bloody is candied.

The Yurt at Solitude
Like The Viking Yurt mentioned earlier, except minus the goblets and horned helmets and PLUS an access road you have to snowshoe up to reach it.

Library Bar
The dude running the show at this Solitude mainstay has some legit bartender chops, and he'll use them when serving you in any of three places: actually inside Library Bar, inside 30-steps-away St. Bernards, or in the living room between the two. All three are honestly awesome, but just make sure the last drink you have here is in that living room, and make sure that last drink is an Irish coffee, which will be topped off with hand-whipped cream the bartender will make IN FRONT OF YOU.
Molly Green's
If you're gonna drink before/during/after/way after skiing at Brighton, you're gonna want to do it at Molly Green's. Located in the top floor of an A frame building between the Majestic and Crest lifts, this is sort of a throwback aprés spot with burgers, PBR tallboys, and a taxidermy adorned-fireplace you're basically required to drink next to.

Last Chance
The bar here is nothing special, but the balcony damn sure is. Grab a bottle at their detached bar downstairs, head up to the second floor and to the double doors at the way back of the room. They'll open up to the balcony you see to the right in the pic above, which will give you prime people-watching territory, plus an opportunity to watch dudes finish their runs down the mountain since this spot is right at the base of the runs.