By Christian Neeser, MyLife -- Sometimes, recent college graduates don’t get to choose where they will live after putting away the textbooks. Sometimes the job you get dictates that. Those that don’t land a job right after the ceremonies, and those who don’t go for more education, are likely looking for a good job. You may also be looking for a new city to expand your horizons and experience something new. So we wanted to conduct a study to find out which midsize cities are best for fresh graduates.

Salt Lake City - # 1. Surrounded by beautiful mountain landscape, Salt Lake City is certainly the most aesthetically pleasing town on our list. But that’s not all the state capital of Utah has to offer recent college graduates. They ranked third in percentage of residents between 25-34 years old, and 24th in bars and restaurants per capita. So there are plenty of people to meet at one of their finer establishments.