SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Salt Lake Art Center and 337 Project are pleased to announce the Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Hearts Out lawn sculpture competition. This juried competition gives the unsung heroes of Salt Lake City's public art world a chance to be recognized for their creativity-the lawn sculptures of all registered participants will be included in a city-wide tour created by the Art Center, and one artist will receive a $2,000 jury prize. The art created for Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Hearts Out will occupy dozens of locations throughout Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front simultaneously, making it the largest effort of its kind ever undertaken in Utah. Registration forms, which can be found online, must be submitted by April 13, 2011, and lawn sculptures will be on view starting May 13, 2011.

"Through this event, we want to invite the artistically-minded members of our community to put their own creations in the places where people work, live, and play." said Adam Price, Executive Director, Salt Lake Art Center. "Too often great art is located only inside of galleries and museums. Public art should be everywhere."

Art Center Senior Curator Micol Hebron explained the importance of the new "front yard galleries" to be created through the event: "The front lawn functions in urban and suburban society as an important signifier of taste, individualism and community. Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Hearts Out gives participants a chance to proclaim their political position, ecological philosophy, and domestic ideals through public art and sculpture."

Salt Lake Art Center will present maps and tours of all locations featuring entries in Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Hearts Out, encouraging residents to venture into the reimagined urban space created by the artists participating in the competition.

Registered artists will be entered automatically into a juried competition. The winning artist will receive a cash prize of $2,000.00 and their winning work will be featured prominently on the Art Center's webpage.

For registration forms and more information, see The sculptures will be on view and publicized through June 17, 2011. The winning artwork will be announced in July 2011.

Salt Lake Art Center

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