Salt Lake City (Nov. 3, 2014) -- The 2014 dōTERRA Aspire Conference, held at the Salt Palace Convention Center September 17-20, represented the largest attendance of any single-company corporate event in Salt Palace history, and one of the largest registration events handled by Orchid Event Solutions

Approximately 20,000 people registered for the event in the Orchid registration system. dōTERRA attendees were so eager that 12,000 checked in a day before the general session, with Orchid’s system processing up to 2,000 attendees an hour with an average wait time of 4 minutes that day. Thanks to great planning by the dōTERRA events team and their forward-looking use of registration technology, it was a huge success.

Another measure of this year’s success was the enthusiastic response to the pre-registration offering for next year’s event. dōTERRA offers attendees special pricing for a limited time on next year’s event registration to generate excitement and encourage attendance. Pre-registration for dōTERRA’s 2015 event was opened on the last day of this year’s event using Orchid’s self-registration kiosks in addition to online. Initial pre-registration totals are already more than half of the total attendance for 2014. 

The collaborative relationship over the past five years between dōTERRA and Orchid insured that industry best practices for event registration were used to maximum advantage. “dōTERRA has been a driver of innovation in event registration, streamlining the attendee registration experience, both online and on-site. It has been exciting to work with such a progressive company that wants to take full advantage of what Orchid technology has to offer,” said Amy McMinn, CIO, Orchid.

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