Salt Lake City (November 2014)—There is an endless list of attributes that makes a meeting and convention destination ideal for meeting professionals and the groups and attendees they represent. Modern facilities, competitive hotel packages, simple logistics, and unbeatable service and accessibility are a few of the critical components to be considered. In addition to offering these and more, Salt Lake has recently added a few intangible reasons as to why Utah's capital city is, or should be, top of mind when planning a meeting or convention. 
1. Utah is #1 for business
Forbes determined this ranking using 36 data points related to business costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life. That’s great news for people who live here, and it’s great news for people who meet here. 
Why is it great news for meetings? Because meetings mean business: they are where deals are struck, partnerships forged and ideas born. When you host a meeting or event in Salt Lake, your organizers, speakers and attendees aren’t confined to the walls of our convention center. They have access to the business-minded community, skilled workforce, and economically innovative environment that’s thriving all around them. Salt Lake creates close, supportive partnerships with people who build business here and with people who conduct business here.
2. Salt Lake is one of the best cities for 20-somethings
Greatist didn’t rank the cities, which is too bad, because Salt Lake would surely have emerged on top. The criteria for this list included fitness, eco-consciousness, public transportation, bars and nightlife, and overall wellbeing. 
Why is this great news for meetings? Because millennials are shaping the future of business and business travel. According to Forbes, millennials will make up half the workforce by 2020, and they’re already traveling for work more often than older generations. Logically, this influential and highly sought-after demographic is more likely to attend your meeting if it’s hosted in a city that appeals to them.
3. Salt Lake is a top new foodie destination
This news comes from Wine Enthusiast, a publication that undoubtedly knows its dining destinations and that praised Salt Lake’s inventive plates and excellent wine pairings. 
Why is this great news for meetings? Because we all know that some of the most important business interactions happen not in the meeting room but over dinner and drinks. Exceptional meals raise spirits, remove barriers, and encourage conversation, allowing meeting attendees to form personal connections that matter.
In addition to offering all the traditional wants and needs of a first-class meeting destination, Salt Lake complements those with these non-traditional benefits, attributes that will surely enhance your next meeting or convention. For more in-depth information on all that Salt Lake has to offer your next gathering, go here.
Visit Salt Lake is a private, non-profit corporation responsible for the promotion of Salt Lake as a convention and travel destination. In partnership with Salt Lake County, Visit Salt Lake improves the area economy by attracting and providing support to conventions, leisure travelers and visitors with a strong commitment to sustainability and stewardship of the area’s natural environment. Salt Lake is a unique fusion of metropolitan and mountain; the towering Wasatch Mountains that embrace the Salt Lake Valley offer a dramatic backdrop to the vibrancy and activities of the urban environment.