By Tillie Eze, StyleCartel — During my trip to Utah’s capital city, I stayed at Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City. Located in the bustling downtown area, this property houses more amenities than meets the eye. Due to my packed schedule, and unfortunately short stay, appreciating all of these extras weren’t possible. But the few I could take in were definitely a treat.

A Kimpton Property, Hotel Monaco is a renovated landmark building purchased nearly 20 years ago. Formerly the Continental Bank Building resurrected in 1924 by James E. Cosgriff its theorized that due to the architectural buildout, a renovation seemed too costly. The hotel group took the chance and created a historically modern option; maintaining the key elements that make the landmark important, yet appeasing their clientele’s aesthetic. The original interior bronze and glass walls now act as a divider for the lobby walkway, while former teller windows are a separator within the restaurant. Continental Bank’s old vault is even the restaurant’s walk-in cooler. Imagine all of these visuals aligned with patterns, vibrant hues, and eccentric room additives.

It’s not only the intoxicating visuals that make the hotel so special, but Hotel Monaco offers fitness facilities for those travelers who want to stay in shape, even on the go. Each room is supplied with a yoga mat for moments of finding your center. For a higher cardio, their gym houses equipment pieces for just that. But it’s not all about working out, you have to fuel the body with delicious nutrients as well…preferably from the in-house restaurant Bambara.

Bambara, a favorite by both guests and locals, delivers a “New American” cuisine perfectly made seafood and game by Executive Chef Nathan Powers. Known for their Blue Cheese House Cut Potato Chips – house made potato chips doused with melted blue cheese – my favorites steered in another direction with the Silky Corn Bisque and Roasted Marrow Bones. With the smooth bisque and marrow topped with tomato short rib marmalade, parsley, sea salt, and garlic toast, they both tied in first. And while the food menu is as delicious as it sounds, the drinks are just as good, if not better. The Maple Port Toddy based with Maker’s Mark definitely warms the soul when cold, and the Lady Killer based with Grey‎ Goose cools you off with a naturally refreshing elements of fresh citrus and rosewater.

Along with the aforementioned, they host wine receptions from 5PM to 6PM, complimentary morning coffee and tea service from 6AM to 10AM, eco-conscious services, and best of all pets stay free! Bring your little dog, cat, or family iguana, you know, so a piece of home is always with you. But, I doubt you’ll need man’s best friend to make you feel at home – Hotel Monaco does that on their own.