February 12, 2018. Salt Lake City – Salt Lake is buzzing with a dynamic coffee culture that’s been on an upward swing for the past few years. From nitro-poured cold-brewed coffee to siphon coffee makers that seem as much alchemy as science, downtown Salt Lake has become nationally known as the place where beans and baristas are taken seriously. For a tasting, here are five coffee shops where small-batch, direct-sourced roasts are king.
Publik Coffee Roasters - Named for the Dutch word for “community,” Publik is housed in a 12,000-plus-square-foot building that was once used by a lithographer. This is a dual-level space with lots of seating, outfitted with reclaimed materials and Alpha Dominche Steampunk machines. The original Publik is in downtown Salt Lake City. Publik Kitchen in the 9th and 9th district serves their coffee as well as a full menu, and a third location is in the Avenues neighborhood. https://www.publikcoffee.com/#/
The Rose Establishment – In a century-old former meatpacking plant close to Pioneer Park, The Rose Establishment exclusively serves Four Barrel Coffee from San Francisco. Those seeking nitro-poured cold-brewed coffee on tap have found nirvana. The buzzy Rose Establishment has a full breakfast and lunch menu, welcomes you with the aroma of house-made pastries and baked goods, and serves Four Barrel espresso as the perfect eye-opener. http://theroseestb.com/
Salt Lake Roasting Co. - A Salt Lake staple since the 1980’s, Salt Lake Roasting Co. is a true pioneer in craft coffee in Utah. It's the city's oldest coffee roaster and owner John Bolton mentored under the legendary Alfred Peet (Peet’s Coffee). Sourcing beans that are always Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certified, the coffee is freshly roasted in-house and the pastries made fresh daily. There’s a downtown location on 400 South and a newer branch near the Leonardo Museum. http://www.roasting.com/
caffe d’bolla - Run by husband-and-wife owners John and Yiching Piquet, caffe d’bolla is located close to the public library and dubs itself “Salt Lake City's first artisan roaster and siphon coffee bar.” This is where to find single origin coffees from small farms and estates. The Piquets artfully employ a siphon coffee maker, which utilizes boiling water and a vacuum effect to create a memorable cup of coffee. This for those who treasure a slow, carefully created coffee experience. https://www.caffedbolla.com/
Blue Copper Roasters - In the heart of the 9th and 9th District, Blue Copper Coffee Room is housed in an industrial space with a sizeable outdoor patio. They use small-batch roasted beans, with a rotating selection of boutique bean offerings sourced from reputable importers. At the moment, they are working with partners in Colombia and Nicaragua. Take your brew to another level with their specialty and seasonal beverage syrups. http://www.bluecopperslc.com/