By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- Food trucks along the Wasatch Front continue to roll along, with new offerings hitting the streets all the time.

No matter what you’re craving — Korean barbecue, Canadian poutine, Mexican-style fresh fruit or American grilled cheese — there’s something to satisfy a hunger for street food.

Maybe the best indicator of the popularity of food trucks is the Thursday Food Truck Rally at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Every Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., hundreds of people fill the street between 200 and 300 South to savor street-style foods.

It’s so popular, new food trucks that want to participate in the event sometimes find it difficult to get a spot.

Every week, 15 to 20 trucks apply for the seven available spaces, Thesing said. "We try to rotate them through, so that everyone gets a turn."

But the competition is so fierce that some trucks don’t even bother to apply, opting instead to have weekly spots at area farmers markets or businesses near the airport, the University of Utah or industrial parks where food options are scarce.

The city ordinance that was developed in 2011 to govern mobile food vendors would allow for the creation of another "food court" somewhere else in the city, Thesing said. "But no one has come forward to do that yet."

The best way to find these trucks is by following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Here are seven food carts that have rolled into Salt Lake City recently that are worth finding:

Cupbop » After working for an advertising company, Jung Hun Song started this food truck that specializes in Korean barbecue served in a to-go cup. Offerings include beef, spicy pork, chicken or a meat combo served over rice and vegetables. There’s also noodles and mandu, Korean-style potstickers. The meat marinades and sauces are family recipes, said Jung, whose energetic attitude when taking orders — he calls himself the "sexy hot boss" — is part of Cupbop’s charm.

Prices » $7.50 to $8.50

Follow » or Twitter: @cupboptruck.